Giza eSport Gaming Multitasking Mouse

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2021-05-18 17:09:55

Therefore, in order to change the working angle to be dynamic and creative and avoid fatigue, most users when choosing to equip a computer mouse for their work needs in addition to the quality and durability factor, the interested in design elements, design utility applications, and warranty service and after-sales support. With user demand on the manufacturer VSP introduced to the market a gaming and multitasking mouse product line with the Giza esport Gaming brand.

The Giza eSport Gaming R7 model belongs to the quality product line segment with a multitasking design that is both suitable for use by creative office users, but equally bold and masculine. Giza eSport Gaming R7 is medium in size, but it has many highlights, let’s unboxing for a more detailed look at this product information.

With a black and gray box design, it looks very impressive. The box is full of product information and 2-year warranty information, manufacturer and importer, technical specifications, ..

Unboxing the Giza eSport Gaming R7 mouse box

Giza eSport Gaming R7 is for Gaming users and multitasking needs. With the Giza brand, it is a quality segment product line of IT Tech ViSion Co., Ltd. – VSP in Vietnam.

The Giza logo is balanced and located on the top of the mouse equipped with a led-light system to create a light effect for the product that is quite beautiful and impressive.

Giza eSport Gaming Multitasking Mouse - R7 - Photo 3.

Design the Giza logo on the product

Giza logo on the product

Using the A3325 Gaming chip possesses a very high resolution of up to 7,000 dpi, ensuring the accuracy of your mouse movements and the sensitivity of your shots. The DPI conversion is designed by 2 buttons to increase (+) decrease (-) above the product to help you quickly switch the DPI range from 1000 – 1000 – 2000-3000 – 4000 – 5000 – 6000 – 7000.

Giza eSport Gaming Multitasking Mouse - R7 - Photo 5.

Giza eSport Gaming R7 uses ADNS-A3325 chip with a resolution of 7000 DPI

Users set up Mouse customizations such as keystrokes, DPI capture sensitivity, .. for applications and save them every time they need to be used through the accompanying Tech Vision ARGB application software. request this job.

Giza eSport Gaming Multitasking Mouse - R7 - Photo 6.

The included Tech Vision RGB app allows for DPI customization.

The led light system is delicately designed, not colorful but bold. Giza eSport Gaming R7 allows to switch 10 Led light modes, users can switch the display type with the most button combination on the side of slide A with the scroll bar to choose the appropriate display type. Or use the included software to choose the type of led light to display according to your preferences.

Giza eSport Gaming Multitasking Mouse - R7 - Photo 7.

The LED light system is delicately and gently designed with esport gaming style

Not aggressive, with a length of 130x wide 72x high 42mm, Giza eSport Gaming R7 is ergonomically designed to fit the palm of the hand, without causing fatigue when used for a long time. The buttons are designed to be flexible, easy to control, easy to customize, and durable over 20 million clicks.

Giza eSport Gaming Multitasking Mouse - R7 - Photo 8.

Function buttons and specifications of Giza eSport Gaming R7

The software comes with full utility features such as “Keys” to customize mouse click command functions, “Performance” to customize DPI settings and Polling rate scrollbars, “Light” to adjust lighting effects and “Macro” Customizable key action assignment.

Customers can download the software by following the link on the box or accessing the Tech Vision company website at: to download.

Giza eSpost Gaming with design developed by IT Tech Vision Co., Ltd – VSP and distributed exclusively for Vietnam market. Customers can buy products at the nearest computer stores belonging to VSP’s distribution system.

To learn more about the product and get advice and support, please contact

Customer Service and Warranty Center Tech Vision IT Co., Ltd

No. 27, Street 16, Lu Gia Residence, Ward 15, District 11, City. Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: 1900 633 675

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