Godzilla vs. Kong added a new trailer before the March 26 launch, revealing why two beasts had to fight their heads.

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2021-03-22 18:20:15

Recently, Warner Bros. has released another trailer for blockbuster Godzilla vs. blockbuster. Kong ahead of premiere on March 31 here (March 26 in Vietnam). Although only 1 minute in length, most of them are action scenes and very few lines, but this trailer has partly revealed one of the reasons why these two giant monsters have to rush into. Such a fierce death war.

The latest trailer partly reveals the reason why Godzilla died fighting with Kong: It is the highest throne of the giant monster world.

In the final seconds of the trailer above, we can hear characters Ilene Andrews (Rebecca Hall) commented: “2 Alpha Titans (roughly understood as the two most powerful giant beasts) cannot coexist“. This implies that the war between Godzilla and Kong is to decide the throne in the monster world. Previously, director Adam Wingard once confirmed that this battle will have a clear winner and loser, no matter where the two can reconcile.

Since the launch of the first trailer earlier this year, Godzilla vs. Kong made the fan community split in half and heated controversy over who is the strongest. Godzilla had a long history in MonsterVerse, especially after defeating Ghidorah and making every other monster submit to it. Besides, Godzilla accidentally became the hero of humanity when many times helped the world avoid destruction, though its real purpose is only to maintain balance for this planet.

Meanwhile, Kong is a giant chimpanzee that lives only around Skull Island, which is completely separated from the outside world. This is the first time it steps out of its “comfort zone”, and of course it will not be fed up with anyone who dares to make it difficult for it. The trailers and teasers all showed that Kong’s size is not inferior to Godzilla, and even has more than the opponent. That makes this war even more unpredictable and contains many interesting surprises.

The new trailer also teases another strange rival of Godzilla.

Another noteworthy detail in this new trailer is the silhouette of a strange monster appearing in Godzilla’s pupils, as it appears to be lost. Based on the shape and shining eyes, this is most likely not Kong, but MechaGodzilla, the robot monster believed to be the main antagonist of the upcoming movie, and also the final boss that Godzilla and Kong have to match. force to destroy.

Of course, Warner Bros. never revealed such an important detail before the movie came out, but all the previous Godzilla vs. Godzilla trailers. Kong has ruined their plans (or is it possible that they purposely teased them like that?). MechaGodzilla will almost certainly appear in this blockbuster, created by Ren Serizawa. Basically, this is a giant robot, very similar in size and appearance to Godzilla. If it was covered with a scale pattern to hide the metal casing, it would be difficult for people to distinguish between it and the genuine goods.

So what was Ren Serizawa’s purpose in creating MechaGodzilla? Currently, the biggest possibility is to “smear” Godzilla’s reputation and find an opportunity to borrow the wind to break bamboo shoots, to destroy the monster king. After all, Godzilla was the cause of the death of Dr. Ishiro Serizawa, father of Ren Serizawa, in King of the Monsters. Of course, this scenario is only at the hypothetical level, and we only have the most sure answer when Godzilla vs. Kong will officially open in theaters on March 26.

According to ScreenRant, IGN

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