Good catchphrases about learning

Good catchphrases about learning

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2021-05-19 06:31:12

Here are good slogans about learning, meaningful slogans about learning Vietnamese and English to help inspire, motivate, encourage efforts, and excel in learning to class members. and each person himself.

Good catchphrases about learning

  • Study, learn more, learn forever
  • Knowledge is power
  • Studying is a wise thing
  • Books are full of four walls, no matter how many you have
  • In front of the books, everyone fades away
  • Books make man the master of the universe
  • Where knowledge is, we will reach there
  • Learning without playing loses youth, playing without learning sells the future
  • For the future must chew on knowledge
  • Knowledge makes us humble, stupidity makes us proud
  • If you don’t read books, real life is heavy
  • Books are a great power
  • Learning to know, learning to do, learning to assert yourself, learning to live together.
  • Knowledge is the key to the future.
  • Don’t be ashamed of not knowing, only ashamed of not learning.

Slogan about learning in English

1. Once you stop learning, you’ll start dying.

Once you stop learning you will die.

2. Knowledge is the real treasure.

Knowledge is the true treasure.

3. Learning is the eye of the mind.

Learning is the eye of wisdom.

4. Never stop learning because life never stop teaching.

Never stop learning because life never stops teaching.

5. Education is the most powerful weapon we use to change the world.

Education is the most powerful weapon we use to change the world.

6. Learning is the treasure that will follow ist owner everywhere.

Learning is a treasure trove that follows its owner everywhere.

7. Every day you will learn many new things.

Every day you will learn more and more new things.

8. Learn for life.

Learning for life.

9. Learning is empowering.

Learning is empowering.

You can write these good slogans about learning and stick them on the study corner, share with friends, make slogans printed on class uniforms to encourage each other to try to study and get the best results. in the upcoming college entrance exam. Wishing you the best results.


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