Good quotes about winter, stories about winter, good stories and meanings for winter

Good quotes about winter, stories about winter, good stories and meanings for winter


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The winter comes with the cold, making many people feel cold alone and always want to have a loved one by their side. Did you find your hands warm when the cold wind was coming? Let’s share with good quotes about winter, short stories about winter, cold stt, poems about winter, good stories and meanings for winter below.

Winter Cap brief

1. Winter comes, more days to miss, miss you and miss spring days.

2.Winter is coming but why aren’t you cold, because I have you by my side.

3. Winter comes with a bitter monsoon, which people often call this a cold season.

4. Winter comes with a bitter monsoon, which people often call this cold season.

5. The winter wind has returned, this morning it was too cold, but not as cold as the cold in the heart.

6. Winter dies in the beginning of spring, to be born again at the end of autumn.

7. People say a lot in the summer but that doesn’t make sense when winter comes.

8. Stay calm and try to enjoy this winter.

11. What is my favorite winter season? That is when winter ends.

12. When I eat winter ice cream I can enjoy its taste to the fullest. Especially when you eat slowly, you are not afraid to melt ice cream.

13. Winter comes very gently, the pig wind has dried the pale lips.

The most moody winter stt

1. A sudden winter wind blew me away: relatives, friends and loved ones. It’s like a dream.
How cold is this winter !!!
Cold on the outside, cold in the heart.

3. Winter brings us many emotions, sometimes happy, eager but also sometimes sad, an unnamed sadness.

4. Four seasons in a year, but no season has as many names as winter: love season, wedding season, anniversary season, nostalgia season …

5. In winter, the memories come back, not sad without pain, but cannot be faded by the imprint of the memory that is too large and too deep.

6. This winter is without you, without your hands, and then suddenly wake up in the middle of the night, you are wet again and remember someone.

7. I want to erase the icy cold of winter in me and love you very passionately and passionately.

8. Afternoon let go of the sun, sunset fades away behind the horizon. Will miss a warm sunny day. Tomorrow, winter will come.

9. Winter has come without warning, winter has quietly come, making the heart become restless and bewildered at the past.

10. The winter is too cold but it will be a thousand times warmer when I find you, find a place for life, a love that is simple but enough to warm my heart.

11. Winter comes with cold winds, but why don’t you feel cold, is it because you are always by your side.

12. Winter comes, someone said winter is not cold because of being loved, while another is sighing not cold because the other tears poured out of hot demand.

13. Call me up when summer is coming.
A cold winter … both outside and inside.

The best winter moods about funny winter

No about funny winter

1. Four seasons in a year, but no season has as many names as winter: the season of love, the season of wedding, the season of anniversary, the season of nostalgia …

2. People say a lot when summer comes but it has no meaning in winter.

3. Antarctica calls… they want to pay the weather back to them.

4. Hot coffee, hot fire, hot partner. Enough for this winter.

5. The cold weather is the perfect reason to embrace.

No, it's cold

Not about cold humor and hegemony

1. The froze does not want to leave the house.
Hands and feet cold, mouth bumping into his mouth.
Grilled does not want to cook the rice
What do three seven-degree blankets need rice to do?

2. Too cold, too cold, too frosty! Breathe out of the ice, Hanoi! Oh oh miss the hot 39 days!

3. What is so cold!

4. The biggest horror of this winter is… putting your butt in the toilet !!!

5. Is it cold, shower or not? Do not take a bath because “the river is deep, the water flows away and the rocks are worn out. Every day, the bath wears away the flesh and skin”.

6. So cold, so cold that sun… birds!

7. The cold weather is the perfect reason to hug!

8. A cold winter like this is sleeping, hugging someone, and eating is the best.

9. The winter is cold, cold and raining like this, going to school, going to work is a pain!

Good poetry about winter

Good poetry about winter

Nostalgia winter

Author: Tran Thi Truc Mai

A moment of freezing cold
I stay awake throughout the school
Ask who still remembers the person in your dreams
Or have forgotten all the ways
White snow covered in darkness
But my heart is still heavy
Still waiting for the ancients to come
Cold through my heart throughout the school.

East to

Author: Hương mrs – le

Winter has just come in October, reasonable?
Why did the cold come back on the deserted street?
We love each other for a few silent autumns
Pigs can tilt the sun through the steps for several degrees

Now I go back to the familiar old street
The place where his foot imprint is dated
In the afternoon, the sun shone on the lake
The leaves fall gently to see the fall

East has come home so everyone will be confused
The tender rose is waiting for someone to pick it
A little love is gentle and wild
In the garden of love, nostalgia forever madness

I keep clinging for the fall in love
Because I was afraid I could not return to the meeting place
Each full moon mumbles my fingers
Looking forward to the day when the bird swallows the spring newspaper.

Winter Street

Author: Toan Tam Hoa

Street turned bewildered this morning
There was a recent winter here suddenly
Little autumn incense is still weak in life
The yellow leaf was also less flustered

The street leaned to welcome the frozen cold
The sky shone a frosty color
I am helpless beside the leafless trees
Feeling flustered a little strange … a little familiar

Sad street in knitting nostalgia
Thanksgiving from the autumn has not had time to say
The lucky pig wind also passed away very quickly
East then comes the northeast wind

Street this morning suddenly felt immense
There is winter rushing knocking on the door
And bring so many sadness contained
Suddenly remembered a distant promise
East has returned … are you coming to my side?

Angry Winter

Author: Do My Loan

Thinking of winter… very angry!
Let the grief wilt all over the place
Fluttering nostalgia filled the lane
Anxiety filled the sky with compassion
Nine to expect ten stinging eyes
Waiting for thousands of wishes for the lips
Walking in the cold snow color
Suddenly feel sorry for being orphaned.


Author: Ho Xuan Thu

He hid his cold eyes
It was cold, windy, and cold weather came to call the door
Rows of cold trees with bare arms
Like his love without a shirt when winter comes

What do you hide from the sun?
In the afternoon, the clouds turn off the clouds
Street lamp lamp lost coffee cup
Sad love song when looking at you

He is as quiet as a familiar step stone
Thin, soft feet still hot
Hear the heart beat according to the beat
Afraid of being foolish, so I’m a little lonely

He hid something beside the glaze of alcohol
Bitter smoke should be soaked many times
Smile along the winter down the street
I am waiting … that place a love!

Sad winter

Author: Trung Dung

So it is winter again
Cold a shadow knows who is this?
I play with the clouds
The old way howling wind or I am sad

The sea waves crashing
Lenh floating the small boat nervously
Where is the horizon?
Why not say a reassuring sentence

Green rice in the field
Missing my hand slowly blossoming
Blue smoke on the back of the hill
Accidentally forget all nostalgic smile

Frozen on the cold
Numbness in her step alone
Without you only the ball is not in picture
Crossing the river left unfinished love story.

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