Google added a “Reading list” feature to Chrome, and here’s how to use it

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2021-03-22 15:13:49

In the official update of Google Chrome, a host of new enhancements and upgrades have been added. In it, the most easily noticed is the appearance of “Reading list” (or Reading List) in the browser interface. So what is it?

Basically, “Reading list” will allow you to save web page content as a list for later reading when needed, and it is different from the bookmark feature in Chrome.

With Bookmark, after a long period of use, you have to delete the saved website to avoid the bookmark list being too long. As for Reading list, Chrome will automatically divide saved web pages into “read” or “unread” so that users can easily find the website with the content they need, or the web pages you have already read but want. find again.

So how can I use the Reading list feature? Please refer to the following instructions.

How to use the Reading list feature in Google Chrome on a computer

Google added a feature

First, make sure you are using the latest version of Google Chrome. If you don’t have the latest version installed, go to the Chrome extension menu and navigate to Help> About Google Chrome.

Google added a feature

After the update is complete, you will see the “Reading list” item appear in the web browser interface.

Google added a feature

In the web browsing process, if you see any good articles that you need to review later, click the star icon in the URL line and click the “Add to reading list” line.

Google added a feature

Once selected, immediately the web page containing the content will be put into the Reading list.

Google added a feature

When you open a web page in the Reading list, it will immediately move to the read section. And the unread web pages will be arranged at the top so that you can easily manage the viewed and viewed content.

Google added a feature

In addition, when you drag the mouse on the websites in the list, you will be provided with an icon to delete and view to use.

How to use the Reading list feature in Google Chrome on a smartphone

Google added a feature

Update the Google Chrome app to the latest version. Then start the application, you will see the item “Reading List” appear on the home page of the application.

Google added a feature

In the process of browsing the web, if you see any good articles that you need to review later, please click on the menu icon in the bottom corner.

Google added a feature

And then click on the option “Read Later”.

Google added a feature

Web page will be saved in “Reading List”. And you can review web page content even without an internet connection.

Great is not it?

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