Google AI turns all 10,000 NFT BAYC into a new collection

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2022-08-08 14:26:42

Google powered its AI, recreating the NFT collection after taking inspiration from the BAYC NFT collection.

Google experimenting with new artificial intelligence project for NFT inspired by BAYC

NFT is one of the important creations that has exploded in 2021. These digital art works have received great attention and attracted a large community, making many digital art artists become millions. rich dollars.

Recently, Google entered the NFT space with an innovation of its own. By combining the NFT images with its artificial intelligence (AI Google), this information engine diffused the images and created the NFT collection called “Artsy Monke”.

Specifically, the platform Colab Notebook of Google and services Google Cloud participated in the creation of 10,000 BAYCgathered into a collection Artsy Monke NFT. All of them were sold out as soon as they were released. New buyers can trade NFT on OpenSea.

The price difference between BAYC NFT and Google’s AI-generated Artsy Monke is quite compelling. Currently, the floor price of the NFT Bored Ape YAcht Club collection is 82.11 ETH on OpenSea, equivalent to more than 135,000 USD. In contrast, the price of Artsy Monke floor is about 0.01 ETHwhich equates to about $16.51 at the current trading price of Ethereum.

The developer behind this Google AI project – Dan Hovey say they found something missing in the traditional art form of NFTs. Dan says they understand the hype and enthusiasm in the casting of a new BAYC NFT. With excitement about what an NFT product looks like as well as the unique element of NFT, Dan thinks fine art is a missing element from conventional NFT collections.

Hovey says that anyone can have a different passion for NFTs. This gave the team the idea to recreate the “magic” of the collection Bored Ape NFT famous and turn it into art.

Also, rather than just a piece of digital art to display, Artsy Monke will bring some utility in real life. They can be used as utility tokens that help participate in games and allow users to earn money from playing those games (play-to-earn).

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