Google Chrome is about to have a “rescue” feature for those who often close the wrong tab

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2021-07-09 13:32:41

Surely all of us have closed the wrong tab on Google Chrome. The experience of snooping around opening tabs and then waiting for them to reload is really uncomfortable. In order to reduce user wait time, Chrome is about to have a very useful new feature.

On the open source Chronium Gerrit server, three new trust commands have appeared with the ability to work together to open and close a Chrome tab in the blink of an eye. They will help you get back to the tabs you accidentally closed almost immediately. Of course, you must reopen the closed tab within 15 seconds or the feature will be disabled.

To do this, Chrome will cache the page on the tag you just closed within 15 seconds. If there is a request to reopen, it will load the page from the cache instead of from the page’s server, so the loading speed will be almost instantaneous.

At the moment, Google has not yet put this new feature to the test on the Chrome Canary channel. Maybe, the search giant still has to adjust more functions as well as optimize memory for the new feature. The release date so far is still a mystery.

In fact, Google has been thinking about this idea since last year. Chrome for Android also has its own method for caching closed tabs.

Google Chrome is the most popular browser globally. Google Chrome has always been complained about consuming too much RAM and tracking user data excessively.


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