Google Chrome launches a new update: Improves page loading speed and search results

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2021-11-11 20:17:41

Google just made an upgrade to Google Chrome mine. This update helps users’ search results to load faster and have a better user experience.

Google says that today’s most popular search results are likely to show up for less than 500 m/s, 4 times superior. That means when you type something and choose one of the suggested options at the top of your results, you’ll be taken to Google’s search results page much faster.

The new improvements to search results speed only apply if you use Google as your default search engine (which most people already do), but the company says search engines Others can use this feature with some tweaks to how they work.

It’s unclear if this new update will make Google searches in Chrome faster than similar searches in Firefox and Microsoft Edge, but the new technology is powered by the “PartitionAlloc” memory allocator. unique to Chrome. “PartitionAlloc” is basically how the program uses your PC’s RAM; In this case, it affects how search results are stored. In the past, search results were cached, but that causes Chrome to use up a lot of your RAM and crash frequently.

This new way to load information before you need it is part of a larger rewrite to Chrome that was implemented earlier this year. According to Google, the light update reduces RAM usage by 22% and speeds up other parts of the browser. For years, people have been frustrated with how often Chrome eats up your system RAM. Chrome can now use those RAM-savers to help improve quality of life, such as accessing your search results faster.


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