Google will bring the top features of the Pixel 6 series to older versions

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2021-10-28 19:13:46

(CHK) Owners of older Google Pixel smartphones were delighted when the company said that it is working to bring some features of the Pixel 6 series to previously launched smartphone models. mine.

The search engine giant recently shared with Android Authority that it will be rolling out a few new features on the Pixel 6 phone introduced not too long ago.

Some of the new features that appear on older models include astrophotography mode, Cinematic Pan and Call Screening options, etc. Even so, older models will still miss out on a few new features because of the line. The new Pixel 6 mainly relies on its proprietary Tensor processor for a number of new features. So there are technical limitations here at the hardware level.

This includes Live Translation, a new Motion Mode and other features. According to a share from a Google representative:

“As with all Pixel features, we aim to bring as many features as possible to older Pixels where technically possible – although it may take some time to develop and deliver. other experience. Some technologies will require additional engineering investments, such as Live Translation, as our on-device language samples are designed to run on the Pixel 6’s proprietary Tensor chip on TPU that the samples are using. The old Pixel didn’t have it.”

While this essentially confirms that Google will roll out some of the feature to older Pixel phones, the company has yet to reveal an official date for the feature’s rollout. So stay tuned for more, as we will provide updates as more information becomes available on the matter.


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