Google’s upcoming Pixel has a folding screen design, 12.2MP camera

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2021-11-05 07:43:06

(CHK) According to information shared on 9to5Google, Google’s upcoming foldable Pixel smartphone will not have an upgraded camera system similar to the Google Pixel 6 series.

Information discovered in the most recent release of Google’s Camera app, the codename of Pixels The upcoming folding is “Pipit”, which has been changed from “Passport” at some point.

The store’s “APK Insight” team discovered that the phone Pixels foldable will use the same 12.2MP main camera found on the Pixels 5. It’s a Sony IMX363 instead of the 50MP GN1 sensor found in Pixels 6 and Pixels New 6 Pro. Another Sony IMX386 is also expected to be used on this device, expected for the ultra-wide camera.

In addition to these two cameras, there is evidence of a dual IMX355 sensor, which is the 8MP selfie camera on the Pixel 5 and Pixel 6 (not the Pro). It is believed that the “Pipit” will have a dual selfie camera: one for the outer screen when the device is folded and the other for the inner screen when the device is unfolded.

Foldable Pixel by Google was expected to launch around 2022. It was previously reported that Google would announce a foldable display during its most recent Pixel 6 launch event, but that ultimately didn’t. out. The latest evidence of a 2022 release is referenced by “isPixel2022Foldable” mentioned in the Camera APK code. If we refer to other similar references like “IsPixel2019”, referring to Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, then we can make the assumption that the phone will launch next year.

The most recent release of Android 12L – a version of Android 12 optimized for tablets, foldable devices, and ChromeOS – is aimed at Q1 2022 release. This means we can expect a foldable Pixel device to be announced by Google after that, although it’s unclear if that will happen in the H1 or H2 of 2022.


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