Grand Theft Auto Producer – Rockstar Games Bans NFT

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2022-11-24 08:28:46

Developers cannot integrate crypto or crypto assets like NFT on GTA servers. Before that, in July, the creators of Minecraft Mojang Studios banned NFT from their game.

Recently, Grand Theft Auto followed Minecraft in banning NFT from third-party online servers. Accordingly, developers cannot integrate cryptocurrencies or crypto assets like NFT, the creators of Rockstar Games confirmed in a statement last week.

The new rules specifically target immersive servers. They extend gameplay beyond what the player can do in the standard game by allowing them to play as normally unplayable characters such as policemen, judges, or taxi drivers.

The company emphasizes that it still supports these servers despite the new restrictions. It also prohibits the importation or misuse of other IP in the project, including other Rockstar IPs, trademarks, characters, trademarks or real-world music; and create a new game, story, quest or map.

“Rockstar Games has always believed in rational fan creativity and wants creators to express their passion for our games. Third-party ‘Immersive’ servers are open-source. breadth of the rich array of community-generated experiences in Grand Theft Auto that we hope will continue to develop in a safe and user-friendly way for many years to come,” the company said.

It’s not clear what will happen to the companies that already run the game, including NFT. Among them, Australia-based MyMetaverse runs Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) servers with built-in tokens as well as NFTs for car items and swords, which launched in September in partnership with the company. Enjin.

Rockstar Games is the latest leading US-based gaming company to ban NFT. While some game giants elsewhere have begun to explore NFT and web3 projects, in the United States, game operators have taken a much more skeptical and disturbing approach. concerned that the NFT could be exploited.

In July, Mojang Studios, the creators of Minecraft, banned NFT from their servers, much to the chagrin of projects like NFT Worlds that built their entire business on Minecraft. Valve, who runs the Steam game store, has also criticized the NFT and said it doesn’t want them to appear on its platform.

Valve’s competitor Epic Games has been more neutral. The Fortnite creators have allowed some games to use NFT on the Epic Games store, although they have not invested in these games or borrowed any additional support.

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