Great family, working on youtube because of passion but very hard-working and eager to learn

Great family, working on youtube because of passion but very hard-working and eager to learn


2021-03-28 14:33:42

Little-known background of founder Phap Phim

For movie enthusiasts, perhaps the Ca Phim movie review youtube channel is not unfamiliar. Launched in 2017, Phe Phim is the No. 1 youtube channel specializing in film review in Vietnam. Currently, after more than 3 years of establishment, Ca Phim Youtube channel has 1.05 million subscribers, attracting more than 316 million views, becoming a reliable address of Vietnamese “movie nerds”.

The main content of the channel is mainly to comment and score domestic and foreign films and cinematographic works. Not only reviewing cinema and commercial movies, Phe Phim also has quality video commentary on world famous art works, which is a content that few people dare to pursue.

A special attraction for Ca Phim’s viewers is the extremely attractive commentary voice of all four members. In particular, the founder Le Dac Giang, especially, was given the nickname “Uncle Ngan’s son” – (MC Nguyen Ngoc Ngan) because he possesses warmth, ups and downs and very good English pronunciation.

Le Dac Giang (29 years old) is the second son of Mr. Le Dac Son, former CEO of VPBank, currently Chairman of Dai Nam University. Mr. Le Dac Son used to work as a lecturer at the University of Technology, working and researching in Poland. He was the “captain” who helped VPbank “escape” and revived when faced with the risk of dissolution in the period 2001-2004.

Le Dac Giang’s brother Le Dac Lam – a prominent 8x face in the startup world with the Vntrip project, successfully raised more than $ 3 million in capital from foreign investment funds.

Le Dac Giang has lived and studied in the US for a long time. After returning home, Le Dac Giang, like his brother, did not follow the family line but pursued his own passion when establishing the Phe Phim Youtube channel. Not only in the movie segment, Le Dac Giang’s Youtube ecosystem has developed more satellite channels such as Phe Truyen, Phe Game, and Phe Vlogs, all with several hundred thousand followers.

Currently, the team of Phe Phim is working in a spacious office with modern equipment worth up to 300 million VND.

Little-known thing about Founder of channel review Le Dac Giang Film: Great family, working on youtube because of passion but very hard and eager to learn - Photo 3.

Phe Phim’s office is spacious, with table tennis space. (Photo from Youtube channel Vinh Xo).

People working because of passion: “Work hard, make sure to try very hard and always learn”

Although quite tight-lipped, does not reveal much personal information, but Le Dac Giang often appears in videos on the Phe Vlogs channel to share his life and work experiences, especially about his time. time to study abroad in the US.

Le Giang once discussed his passion in a video on his own youtube channel. He confided: “From childhood until high school day and college, I am not too deep, do not think too much. I was quite spoiled by my parents and did not shape in any direction. I also do not have a certain passion but like many other young people, there is a “trend” according to that. The reason I went to the US to study is because it is a place with the top education in the world, America is a developed countries and many of my favorite people go to America “.

“Initially going to the US, I chose a major that could make a lot of money, which was medicine. But later on, because I didn’t have enough enthusiasm, I didn’t have too much motivation to make so much money, so I turned to studying economics – an easy and general discipline that can be applied to many things. Four years of university have passed, I still do not have a clear orientation “, added Le Dac Giang.

After graduating from school, Le Dac Giang also tried his best in a few jobs, but also because he did not have enough passion and enthusiasm, he soon gave up. He also used to work at a bank with high positions and many opportunities, but he still decided to give up because the good environment is also “difficult to help someone who does not want to help himself”.

“Although at that time I did not have a clear direction, I knew that I did not want to be an employee for anyone. To know who I am and my maximum potential, I have to own”, founder of Phap Phim once divided. shall.

After a period of rest and research, Le Giang realized that there is no youtube channel specializing in making movies in Vietnam, while this model is very successful in foreign countries. From there, looking for people who share the same direction and embarked on building Ca Phim youtube channel.

Little-known thing about Founder of channel review Le Dac Giang movie: Great family, working on youtube because of passion but very hard and eager to learn - Photo 4.

Despite the initial successes, Le Dac Giang confided that he himself also had many guilt. Holding the position of leader of an organization while he himself has no experience, immature maturity makes Giang difficult in the first time. However, at present, when he has gone through falls, but experiences, Giang has become more confident in what he does, motivating followers to enthusiastically.

“When I first started Youtube, I was most afraid of being asked” What do you do “, because I don’t know how to answer correctly so that people can understand. Talking on Youtube is either afraid of people not knowing, or afraid they consider Youtube as nonsense, miscellaneous things. I thought I would write down a great answer to be ready to answer when someone asked, but there was no time, “Le Dac Giang recalled.

Little-known thing about Founder of channel review Le Dac Giang film: Great family, working on youtube because of passion but very hard and eager to learn - Photo 5.

Founder Phe Phim Le Dac Giang and singer Bich Phuong in a video review of the film.

However, founder Phap Phim said that from small to large, his parents always support what he does, never force anything. From the very beginning, the Phe Phim channel attracted many followers and continued to develop gradually without any obstacles. Le Dac Giang’s parents think that a son who works happily can make money, so they always support.

With new content, deep and broad knowledge of movies, along with handsome appearance, deep and warm reading voice, the videos of Phe Phim conquered Vietnamese audiences after a short time. Many times in the videos of Phe Phim, Le Dac Giang says that he is always actively improving his knowledge to have videos with quality content. He shared that he often reads books, especially books about writing, content making or classic novels that have been transformed into movies to prepare content for the video implementation.

Named as “the person who works for passion”, founder Le Dac Giang once shared advice from his own experience of finding passion: “Work hard, be sure to try very hard and always learn, challenge your own perceptions and values ​​because you are not sure you are right. You must go to a dangerous area, to have a wolf to find yourself “.

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