Great programming software for beginners

Great programming software for beginners

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2021-04-13 05:17:47

  • Free software
  • Version: 1.8.13
  • Update date: 07/24/2020
  • Platform: Windows

Download the Arduino IDE

What is Arduino IDE?

Since computers first appeared in the world, programming has always been considered a rather mysterious process. With all the code and symbols in it, programming has never been beginner-friendly.

It often takes years of research to grasp even the most basic of concepts, and especially these codes are difficult to apply to real working devices.

Today, however, knowing how to code and code is a very useful skill to have. Arduino IDE is a piece of software that makes the programming world more accessible to beginners, with a simple interface and a community-oriented system.

Arduino IDE is great programming software for beginners

Features of Arduino IDE

Simple interface

As mentioned in the beginning, programming can be difficult for those who do not have a basic knowledge of them. Without a doubt when thinking about programming, people think green code rains in the Matrix. However, the Arduino IDE makes coding a lot simpler for beginners.

It is essentially a word processor with functions dedicated to programming. One of such functions is auto-format. AutoFormat is very useful for people who don’t really know how to format code. With just one click, the code you have written will be organized in an easy to understand format.

Additionally, there are dozens of templates that people can choose from if they want to follow the more complex Arduino sketches.

Many templates

The templates provided in the Arduino IDE are extremely useful. Of course, not all of them have anything to do with what you’re doing, but it’s good to start. They have some very basic code like Blink and KeyboardLogout that the user can use to create more complex code. You can use those codes to create other codes with similar functionality or you can add those codes to other codes to create multifunctional code.

Once the sketches have been created, users can easily upload their sketches to the Arduino board of their choice. The uploading process takes a bit of time but by itself is not complicated at all.

Community based system

One of the best things about the Arduino IDE is the fact that it’s community-driven. Arduino has a very active forum where users can share their creations with other programmers and get feedback, as well as troubleshooting tips. More advanced users can also provide their own tips. The great thing about the Arduino IDE is that this focus on community is supported by the software itself. Users have the option of uploading their code directly to the forum, which is extremely convenient.

Join the world of programming with Arduino

There is no doubt that if you are a beginner to programming, the Arduino IDE is one of the best out there. It’s easy to use and has lots of useful templates for beginners. Not only that, users can take advantage of the community of Arduino users to better implement their creations. For anyone who thinks programming is something they could never get involved in, the Arduino IDE is sure to change that mindset.


  • Beautifully designed interface
  • Active community
  • Lots of templates
  • Multi-platform


  • Uploading takes time
  • Cannot change font style
  • Cannot add quick buttons
  • No line indicator


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