Gucci pours capital into DAO SuperRare, preparing for the exhibition “Digital Art Vault”

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2022-06-29 05:44:39

Gucci invested $25,000 to have the opportunity to join SuperRareDAO, collaborating with this unit to launch the online exhibition “Vault Art Space”.

NFT brings new charm to luxury fashion house Gucci

The famous global fashion house continues to show strong moves towards the web 3. The partnership with the NFT exchange SuperRare recently is expected by Gucci to increase its presence in the economy. decentralized economy.

By spending $25,000, the Italian luxury fashion brand has owned a number of RARE tokens of the NFT SuperRare exchange, and is preparing to launch the “Vault Art Space” exhibition, titled “Vault Art Space”. “The Next 100 Years of Gucci” (Gucci’s next 100 years). The gallery will display a wide range of Gucci’s futuristic and NFT artworks from 29 influential artists.

Vault Art will hold a direct auction on Gucci’s official website, divided into 3 phases: phase 1 (June 23 – July 1), phase 2 (July 7 – July 15), phase 3 (July 21). July – 29th).

Gucci Vault CEO Nicolas Oudinot shared:

“We are convinced of SuperRare’s ability to provide a platform for artists to showcase their work in a creative way, building on a sense of community and enhancing interaction between artists and artists. NFT collection.”

For luxury time brand Gucci, this is their first time joining a DAO organization and taking on an administrative role in the SuperRare community. It is known that the two sides are considering the acquisition of a DAO. If this idea comes to fruition, it will most likely create a new trend with the participation of many other big men.

At the end of May, Gucci began testing a crypto payment service at a few stores in the US and plans to expand across North America if it receives a good response from customers.

Previously, the fashion house had set up a team specializing in Web3 research and created a virtual world of its own called “Gucci Garden” based on the Roblox game platform. The fashion house also bought land in the metaverse of The Sandbox.

Last week saw exciting developments in the NFT community, as commerce giant eBay acquired NFT exchange KnownOrigin, Binance and luxury brand Vertu Paris launched new NFT smartphones. Along with Binance, on June 23, soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7) announced the upcoming launch of the NFT Collection he directed and designed.

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