Guidance to participate in public sale of Cere Network

Guidance to participate in public sale of Cere Network


2021-04-04 04:20:24

About the Cere Network project

Cere Network is the first decentralized data cloud platform optimized for data integration and use. The project is compatible with many blockchains such as Binance Smartchain, Ethereum, Polkadot, …


To learn more about the project as well as Tokenomics of the CERE, you can refer here.

Some general information about the public sales of $ CERE

Expected total mobilized capital: 25.5 million dollars.

Form of public sale: Cere will organize public sales CERE on 3 independent platforms with different participatory methods, Republic (April 8), Dao Maker (April 15) and Polkastarter (April 19).

This public sales organization demonstrates the project’s commitment to transparency and decentralization in the token sale process as well as provides an opportunity for many different communities to access CERE token sale.

Here are some information you can refer to to be able to participate on the above 3 platforms:

Guide to CERE token sale on Republic

Time takes place: April 8, 2021.

About Republic

Republic is an investment platform that allows anyone to invest in private deals from startups, real estate, gaming and crypto. Republic has invested more than $ 300 million through a global community of over one million members. Besides, Republic also provides advisory services on digital assets and token sale through Republic Advisory Services.

Steps to join CERE token sale on Republic

1. Have the above account not, follow these steps:

  • Click Sign up in the right corner of the screen.
  • Choose the appropriate registration form for you, fill in the information and click Sign up.
  • Read carefully the investment requests from Republic and click Yes. Click Start investing.
  • Step About you (Add profile pictures and bio) you can do or not.

2. Complete providing personal information at: Or you can click on the profile picture => Select Settings => Select Personal Details.

  • Brothers fill in full information, upload photos passport up for KYC authentication.

A note for the ID verification section

  • You must use a Passport.
  • There are 3 ways to upload photos: Take pictures with your computer’s Camera, Upload photo files, Get a link to take pictures with your phone.

3. If living permanently in the United States, you are required to accreditation here:

4. When Cere Network opens for sale on Republic, you click on the Cere Network project arranged on the web similar to the following projects:

5. Read the project information, then click Invest.

6. Enter the amount you want to buy tokens, information required and payment method (Remember to read the payment method carefully in the next section).

7. Tick agree to the terms of the project and click Confirm Payment.

88. Confirm the next transaction information and wait for token distribution from Republic.

Note: 8/4 CERE is newly listed on Republic, so the above steps are based on previous projects, there may be other changes, you can handle it flexibly.


Republic only accepts payment through Bitpay.

Bank transfers for ACH, Credit / Debit card or Alto IRA services are not supported.

If paying with BTC or ETH, you should set up a separate wallet with money in it. Submissions through an exchange like Coinbase create latency and can lead to a missed token sale.

If you plan to invest more than $ 3,000 in ETH or BTC, it is highly recommended that you always make a Bitpay and complete the KYC first.

Sign up via this link:

Investment limit

  • Minimum investment for individuals: $ 1000.
  • Minimum investment for organization: $ 15,000.
  • Maximum investment for any investor: $ 1 million.

Note: Republic does not accept legal entities as co-tenant or spouse for CERE token sale.

KYC and timeline set up the wallet

  • You will have four days from the token sale to complete the KYC (if you have not done it before), you will receive a number of reminders to complete these required steps.
  • Token purchases will be canceled after four days if the brothers fail to complete the KYC.
  • In addition, you also need to confirm your email and set up a wallet for Republic to allocate tokens.

Honest advice: You should complete all the required steps before the token sale date to avoid problems later. If you have any questions, you can email [email protected]

Instructions to participate in CERE token sale on DAO Maker

About Dao Maker

DAO Maker: DAO Maker’s DAO Pad is a multi-investment platform that allows DAO Maker’s most engaged and contributors to participate in public, private or even seed rounds of projects. . Cere will be the first project to raise funds on the DAO Pad.

Steps to join CERE token sale on Republic

  • Time takes place: April 15, 2021.
  • Total mobilized capital expected for Cere Network on DAO Maker: $ 1 million USD.
  • Forms of participation: Whitelist.
  • Number of people allowed to enter the whitelist list: 400.
  • Allocation per person: $ 2,500 USD.
  • Conditions of participation:
    • Participants must stake 500 DAOs in the vault.
    • Being on the whitelist list.
  • Cere token payment schedule: 18 months vesting schedule

Details about whitelist will be updated later. Brothers tried to follow the media of DAO Maker to grasp the situation.

Instructions for participating in CERE token sale on Polkastarter

About Polkastarter

Polkastarter is a decentralized platform that allows IDO projects and attracts investment.

Steps to join CERE token sale on Republic

Time takes place: April 19, 2021

Expected total mobilization for Cere Network on Polkastarter: $ 500,000

Forms of participation: Whitelist. Information about the whitelist will be updated on Polkastarter’s media sites, please pay attention to register.

Allocation per person: $ 500 / person

To know the steps to do when joining a whitelist as well as buying tokens on Polkastarter, please refer to the article: The most detailed IDO guide on Polkastarter

Good luck to you guys.

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