Guide to earn money by playing Crabada game for beginners

Guide to earn money by playing Crabada game for beginners

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2022-03-15 16:11:18

Crabada game project overview

Following the trend of game play to earn which is booming in recent times, Crabada is also a name that receives a lot of attention from the crypto gaming community. Crabada is an extremely interesting NFT game built on the Avalanche ecosystem to help users both play and earn money with vivid graphics and many diverse and attractive modes.

Crabada is an ocean-inspired blockchain game where you will explore the prosperous ancient Hermit-Crab Kingdom once ruled by Crustaco, the King of Crabada. Through activities such as mining, looting, breeding and fighting, you can both experience the game and receive rewards and earn extra income from these exciting activities.

Unlike other strategy games or card games that require players to have a certain aptitude for gaming. For Crabada, almost anyone can participate in the experience because the game mechanics are quite simple. You just need to create for yourself a squad with strong enough stats to be able to participate in in-game activities and get as many rewards as possible.

Crabada project overview

With the characters in the game being Crabadas (referred to as crabs) divided into different types with separate functions and powers, Crabada also allows players to breed to create many different types of crabs. variety and unique to the NFT that the player owns.

All Crabada features are blockchain-based, so players will have full control over their assets. Besides, the interactions in the game Crabada are handled transparently on-chain, including the RNG.

Crabada’s Play to Earn mechanism

Similar to other blockchain games on the market, Crabada’s play to earn mechanism is also quite simple. To start participating in the world of Crabada, you need to prepare yourself a team of 3 crabs, these crabs are sold directly on the game’s marketplace for the current price of about $1,000/head.

mechanism to earn crabada

With the play to earn mechanism, you will use your Crabada team to participate in in-game activities such as mining tokens (similar to farming), stealing tokens from opponents, breeding to create new types of crabs and Participate in in-game battles to receive rewards in game tokens like $CRA and $TUS.

Each Crabada will have different mining and attack stats. The higher the mining index of Crabada, the more CRA and TUS can be mined in mining. Similarly, the higher the Crabada’s attack stats, the easier it will be to win looting and earn $CRA and $TUS.

With a variety of new money-making gaming activities along with eye-catching graphics and attractive rewards, Crabada is currently attracting quite a few players around the world to invest and experience this game.

Steps to prepare before playing the game Crabada

Step 1: Prepare

  • To start playing, players need a hot wallet e-wallet that recommends using Metamask. (Metamask Wallet User Guide and Avalanche Integration))
  • In Metamask wallet using Avalanche . network
  • In Metamask wallet there is AVAX coin – used to pay transaction fees
  • In Metamask wallet there is TUS coin – used to buy crabs in the market
  • In Metamask wallet there is CRA coin – used for Staking or for spawning crabs (Optional)

Step 2: Buy Tokens

  • To be able to buy AVAX coins, you can register on Binance and buy AVAX coins on this exchange. Then transfer AVAX from exchange to Metamask storage wallet via Avalanche network (C-chain)
  • To have TUS or CRA, you can go to AMM Trader Joe to trade in pairs AVAX/TUS or AVAX/CRA

Step 3: Start playing the Game

To start playing the game, you first need to choose a game strategy to determine how to buy crabs. For starters, the admin recommends you to play in the mining style (Mine) with 3 options to buy crabs as follows:

  • Option 1: The team with the highest price (711) ie 3 BULK-type crabs with BP = 711 (Price is about $10,000)
  • Option 2: Team with the lowest price (Price is about $4000)
  • Option 3: Mid-priced crab team with more PRIME system (3 crabs including 1 PRIME type crab) (cost about 5000$)

Go to the page -> Marketplace -> Choose to buy 3 crabs to start playing.

marketplace crabada

After buying the crab, you can transfer the crab to the Game and start the journey to earn money with the game Crabada.

Crabada Game Instructions

Game Crabada has 4 modes for you to participate in the experience, which are Mining (mining), Looting (Robbery), Tavern (rent/rent) and Battle. Currently Crabada has 3 activities available: mining, looting and tavern, and the battle is expected to be released in Q1/2022. Each mode has different characteristics, but the common point is to help you both play and earn money.

Each crab has different stats, you will need to combine your crabs into a team to have the right stats for each activity you participate in.

Crabada crab stats
Crabada crab stats

Mining (Mining)

Mining is a mining activity in the game, this is considered a method to help players earn money in an idle way. With mining, you just need to use your team to mine to get rewards like TUS and CRA. However, you need to be careful about combining the mining and attack stats of your team members to bring the best mining efficiency, because sometimes during the mining process you may be attacked by another team and lose all the rewards they have dug.

Step 1: In the “Explore” tab under “Active mine” → Select “Start mining expeditions”.

Step 2: Select the crab team you want → Select “Select”

Step 3: You can tap to see your mining details and view mining history

Looting (Robbery)

Similar to mining, looting is also an activity that helps you earn CRA and TUS tokens. However, with looting you will not have to go mining from the game, but rob it from the mines of other players. Looting will help you earn more CRA and TUS than mining, but you need to make sure your team is strong enough to be able to steal from others because if you lose in looting, you will waste time and money. did not receive anything.

Step 1: In the “Explore” tab (1) under “Start looting” (2) → Select the opponent’s mine that you want to loot.

Step 2: You should pay attention to the stats of the opponent team compared to your team to be able to implement the most effective looting plan → Choose “Attack” → Select a team to participate in loot → “Select”.

Step 3: In addition to the team of 3 pre-selected crabs, you can also add reinforcements to support your looting activities. You can add reinforcements from the list of crabs available in your “Inventory” or hire on “Tavern”.

Step 4: Select the door that is suitable for the team → Select “Add”


Tavern is a pretty cool activity in Crabada, this is where you can do your crab hire or rental activities. In fact, not all investors have a lot of time to spend playing games and vice versa, not all players have enough capital to invest a huge amount of capital in games. Therefore, Tavern will help you earn an additional income completely idle from renting your own crabs or can rent other people’s crabs to participate in activities such as mining, robbery, etc. Get game rewards at a reasonable price.

Step 1: In the “Tavern” tab you can see the list of crabs being rented in the game → To rent your crabs, select “Rented out”

Crab rental in Crabada

Step 2: Select the crab you want to rent) → Select “Rent out”

Step 3: Enter the price you want to rent → Select “Rent out”

When renting, that crab will be locked and you can’t use them to participate in your looting or mining activities anymore until the rental ends.

Notes when playing the game Crabada

Mining and looting activities will often be related to each other and take place in parallel in a certain process.

1 mining cycle will usually take place in 4 hours and involve both the mining team and the looting team. The mining group is only attacked by the looting group within the first 1h30p of the mining process, after that 1h30p, the mining group will not be attacked by the looting group anymore and will be in safe mode.

Specifically, a mining and robbery process will include the following stages:

  • 0h – 1h30: At the start of the mining process, within 1 hour and 30 minutes after that the looting group will start attacking.
  • 1:30 – 2h: Within the next 30 minutes, the mining team can call more crabada for defense. Crabada reinforcements can be obtained from the Inventory or rented from the Tavern as described above.
  • 2:00 – 2:30: The looting group can call for reinforcements to attack. Similar to the mining group, crabada support will also be obtained from the inventory/tavern.
  • 2:30am – 3pm: The mining team can continue to call for more crabada to help defend the second time.
  • 3h – 3h30: The looting group can call for reinforcements for the second attack. This is the last defense and attack of the mining and robbery process.
  • 3:30 – 4h: End the mining process.

The winner of the battle is determined by the highest total battle points (Battle Points) of each side. If the mining team doesn’t choose to add reinforcements in both rounds, the looting team can’t add them either.

Mining team will win when their battle point is greater than the looting group’s battle point and vice versa. If both sides’ battle points are equal, the mining team will win.


Above is an overview of how to play the game Craba, you can refer to it to make a decision before participating in the game. Through this article, you have somewhat grasped the basic information about Crabada gaming casino to make your own investment decisions and participate in the game. CHK is not responsible for any of your investment decisions. Wish you success and make a lot of profit from this potential market.

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