Guide to participating in investment IDO on Solstarter

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2021-05-03 22:20:25



What is Solstarter?

Solstarter is the first IDO platform on Solana.

Solana is one of the fastest growing blockchains with many large-cap projects developed in 2021. Solstarter aims to continue adopting this ecosystem by promoting incubation and funding of projects. Future creation project built on Solana.

Solstarter empowers launchpad projects to increase liquidity in a fair and decentralized way.

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SOS virtual currency

SOS is the native token of the Solstarter platform, used to decide problems in the Solstarter system. In addition, SOS is the main ingredient that makes it possible to join IDOs on this platform.

Solstarter’s unique feature

  • Fair Distribution: IDO projects on Solstarter have 100% fair allocations and are offered based on the amount of SOS users deposit – it’s simple.
  • Guaranteed allocation: Gone are the days when one could click a button first or place a bot to get the fastest group sniper. Allocation will be given to anyone and everyone based on a two-tier auction system.
  • Full Decentralization: Solstarter is regulated by the DAO to determine the future of Solstarter and to price levels for pools.

Eligibility to join IDO on Solstarter

Solstarter uses a level system to guarantee allocation per participant in a pool.

It’s a fair and straightforward process: the amount of SOS tokens a holder has staked determines the allocation weight of the pool of a given participant.

  • Tier 4: SUPERNOVA – 50% WEIGHT POOL – 25000 STAKED SOS
  • Tier 3: RED GIANT – 28% WEIGHT POOL – 16000 STAKED SOS
  • Tier 2: PLANET – 15% WEIGHT POOL – 9000 STAKED SOS
  • Tier 1: MOON – 7% WEIGHT POOL – 5000 STAKED SOS

How to join IDO on Solstarter


WARNING: Investing in financial products is potentially risky and may not be suitable for some investors. Therefore, please consider carefully and master yourself before making any decisions that are composed of the content referenced on this website. At the same time you can JOIN our DISCUSSION GROUP to discuss more about what you are interested in.

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