Guide to Public Sale of My Neighbor Alice (ALICE)

Guide to Public Sale of My Neighbor Alice (ALICE)


2021-03-21 22:38:05

project introduction My Neighbor Alice (ALICE)

The DAO Maker team would like to introduce the latest project participating in the token issuance in the form of a Strong Holder Offering (SHO) – My Neighbor Alice.

My Neighbor Alice is an online blockchain game where people can buy and own virtual islands, collect and design interesting items, and meet new friends.

The game has been developed by Antler Interactive, a company with great experience in building exciting titles since 2016. My Neighbor Alice will access Antler’s existing network for release on every online game business, including Steam.

This SHO distribution event will not have a repayment policy, all capital raised will be dedicated to project development after the end of SHO.

For more information on the project, please refer to My Neighbor Alice research site

Instructions on how to buy SHO

The Strong Holder Offering is designed to give projects a passionate and engaged community that is inherently critical for long-term development directions.

Only whitelist wallet addresses are allowed to participate in the fundraising campaign. If you win 1 ticket but send money through another wallet, your stake will be refunded. To be eligible to apply, your wallet balance must be more than 500 USD token value or liquid token value on Uniswap / Balancer.

Until 19:00 on February 4, participants need to connect Metamask wallet to Dao Maker platform. We encourage users to stay connected the wallet address you use most often to participate in registration for the SHO event.

Step 1: Click “Participate”.

Step 2: Enter “Connect your wallet”. Note in your wallet you need to hold a minimum of 500 USD to connect to your wallet.

Step 3: When it displays like this, it will be successful.

Each wallet address will be scanned using our chain analysis tool. Each wallet will then receive a corresponding score based on the evaluation criteria below.


Winning numbers for 200 investors will take place. The investor with the higher score will be more likely to win, but investors can still win with a lower score.

With the My Neighbor Alice As a DeFi elemental game, the judging criteria will be based on activities that contribute to the blockchain and DeFi gaming industries, as well as whether users wish to stick deeply with ownership token.

Factors that influence the score:

  • Average time users hold tokens in their wallets.
  • The total redemption value in USD of tokens on Uniswap or Balancer LP.
  • The total value of the tokens in the wallet.
  • Holding and accumulation period of the following tokens: SAND, ORN, OPT, CHR, CWS, ANRX, MANA, ENJ
  • Actively participate in the DAO Maker Ecosystem Tokens on Telegram and other media.

Winning numbers for 200 investors will take place. The investor with the higher score will be more likely to win, but investors can still win with a lower score.

200 winners will be notified via email and on our Mining social platform. The winner must pass KYC & AML. Once completed, the winners will send 500 USDC into My Neighbor Alice SHO.

The Public sale price of the token My Neighbor Alice ($ ALICE) will be 0.125 USD / ALICE.

  • There will only be 1 public sale round
  • Total allocation volume: $ 100,000 ($ 800,000 ALICE)

Volume of allocation

The volume of allocation for My Neighbor Alice SHO is 500 USD per participant.

The winners will have to pass the KYC & AML request and contribute in USDC to the donation wallet provided. Please see KYC requirements prior to registration. Users will have 24 hours to pass KYC and deposit.

KYC Terms

Citizens of the following countries are not eligible to participate:

Afghanistan, American Samoa, Bahamas, Barbados, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Cambodia, China, Ghana, Guyana, Iran, Iraq, Jamaica, Korea, Laos, Libya, Mauritius, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Puerto Rico, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, Vanuatu, United States, US Virgin Islands, Yemen and Zimbabwe.

How to join?

Step 1: Access the link and login to your wallet. (Login is open from 02.02.2021 at 7:00 pm UTC + 7 to 04.02.2021 7:00 pm UTC + 7). The link will be announced when the time begins.

Step 2: Connect your ERC-20 wallet to register. We will run a chain analysis of trading activity on your wallet and all the LP tokens / tokens you hold.

Step 3: The system will calculate your total score achieved. You will receive a ticket if your Metamask wallet has more 500 USD token or in liquidity pools Uniswap / Balancer.

Step 4: Results will be announced on February 4, at 9:00 pm UTC + 7. The 200 winners will have to pass KYC and deposit 500 USDC into their wallets. Winners will have 72 hours (until 9:00 pm UTC + 7 February 7) to pass KYC and transfer funds.

Step 5: My Neighbor Alice token ($ ALICE) will be distributed to the winner’s wallet on the announcement date.


  • 02.02.2021 (7:00 pm UTC + 7) – SHO start – Open the wallet login
  • 04.02.2021 (7:00 pm UTC + 7) – Wallet login deadline expires
  • 04.02.2021 (9:00 pm UTC + 7) – Winner announcement / KYC / AML / Start deposit
  • 07.02.2021 (9:00 pm UTC + 7) – Deadline for KYC / AML and deposit
  • TBA – Token distribution event

Through the above article, CHK hopes you can join the Public Sale of the My Neighbor Alice project by yourself. In the near future, CHK will release more detailed articles about the project My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) and on the form of SHO (Strong Holder Offering). CHK wishes you success!

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