Having seen a series of photos taken by Xiaomi 12S Pro, impressive night shooting capabilities thanks to a super sensor from Sony

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2022-07-03 05:44:40

(CHK) On the eve of the product launch next week, Xiaomi suddenly released a series of photos taken by the new Xiaomi 12S Pro quite attractive.

On July 4, Xiaomi will hold a conference to launch new products for the Mi 12S series. At that time, 3 flagships of Leica – Mi 12S, Mi 12S Pro and Mi 12S Ultra will be officially launched.

According to official information, Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra will launch with 1-inch Sony IMX989 sensor, while Mi 12S uses Sony IMX707 main camera and 1/1.28-inch Outsole Sensor. So what exactly is Xiaomi’s first Leica flagship? Today, Xiaomi phone company officially posted a set of photos taken from the Xiaomi Mi 12S series.

Judging from the photos, the evidence of the Mi 12S series has very good colors and tones, while the Leica is full of flavor. From the focal length, the Mi 12S Ultra should shoot 23mm, while the 24mm focal length should be the Mi 12S.

With the support of the 1-inch IMX989 sensor, the photos taken by Xiaomi 12S Pro are quite impressive with high sharpness and good contrast. In which the night scene effect is relatively invincible in the market.

Sources say that Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra will be equipped with Leica professional optics, 8P lenses, double-sided ultra-low reflection coating on all lenses, and ink can be coated on the edges of each lens. lens.

Xiaomi also uses a new type of cycloolefin material, with reflectivity as low as 0.2% and light transmittance as high as 93%, which can reduce glare and eliminate purple fringing. It is worth mentioning that compared to iPhone 13 Pro Max, the photosensitive area increased by 172%, the photosensitive ability increased by 76%, the camera speed increased by 32.5% and the startup speed increased by 11%.

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