Hello March, good sayings about March

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2021-04-20 00:45:45

March comes with a burning nostalgia in the afternoon like the red color of rice flowers, brings a thin season of rain, a thin white shirt and a flowery shoulder, bringing with you all the nostalgia, waiting and nostalgia in your eyes, Warm smile evokes love.

March makes people feel sad when Spring gradually disappears, giving way to April to turn summer. Here are the welcome March and good quotes, We invite you to read.

1. In March again, he will return to grapefruit flower, rice flower, and oval flower. Last March in late spring, with drizzling wet rains and the cold of Ms. Ban, people remember unforgettable old March.

2. In March, not only wear red rice color, magenta color, but also romantic purple oval color and sweet grapefruit scent on tangled hair.

3. In March, the red eagle leaves at the corner of the street in the cold of Ms. Ban. Somewhere, a faint smell of grapefruit flowers in the middle of the morning.

4. When the Tet holiday just left my house, the peach blossoms bloom late, the yellow chrysanthemums still give off a little fragrance, I know that March has returned.

5. In March, the rice flowers are red for the whole sky to remember, falling red, each flock of birds flying back to sit on the rice branches at the end of the village with no leaves.

6. Every 3 degrees in March, the flavor of grapefruit follows the street vendors entering the city. In every corner, I seem to smell a sweet, sweet scent. The whole sky of childhood memories returned. Not sure since when, the flavor of grapefruit in the cold will become an indispensable part in the spring in the Northern Delta.

7. March is probably the time when the timeline stops for people to immerse themselves in memories. Today, the drizzling rain must also make fragile souls burst into emotions.

8. March knocked on the door, suddenly realized that I had lost the idea of ​​time, every day was the same as the other, it passed gently. If life has a turmoil, then I want to change my life.

Hello in March

9. Is it me, the little girl in March

Born on a late spring day

Bring a heart passionate love

Like a burnt red rice flower in the sky

Not noisy but still fragrant.

10. Back in March, he was tired of waiting

Do you hurry to see off the heels of Spring

Peaceful little girl by the doorway

The color of flowers shines with eyes

The day you gave birth to flowers filled the whole road.

11. In March, purple oval shaded country road

Bunch of rice flowers are also blazing in love

In March, remember the corner of the street

A subtle hint of love from his twenties

12. Honey! Rice flowers were glowing in front of the porch

March is sunny in late spring weather

Give me a bunch of fresh and beautiful rice

Reminds of confession … he gave it since then

One day in March I switched

The street gently stretches in the red color

Purple sunset love the same year

Dreamy clouds quietly speechless.

13. Come back in March, whether your heart has or not

Looking at the trees, I gently waved

White flowered flowers on Hanoi Street

March spring whispered nostalgia for him

March comes in passionate breath

Grapefruit falls, I miss the previous appointment season

The small doorway quietly saw him off.

14. I will write about the March sun

I will return to draw the old dream

Grapefruit branches sweetly tangled hair

I will write about our story

March turns the season … do you remember … that day.

March already, have to let go of all worries

Do not let down to see the price

Do not let even before the eyes still become too far away

The space between the hand cannot be filled forever.

15. Last February, leaving me nostalgia

The season of rice flowers burned red in the sky

White bud tilted to welcome lower

In March, who is waiting for someone in amazement

16. Back in March, do you know?

The rice flower blooms, the sky red misses

White clouds drift, across the back

The wind whispers, singing the love song softly

March comes back, unnamed nostalgia.

17. White carpet of flowers to knit the street roof

The long dress lightly shines the scent of incense

In March I returned to charm

For life bewildered lady.


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