Here are 5 points users are fascinated by iPhone 13 Mini

Here are 5 points users are fascinated by iPhone 13 Mini


2023-04-02 02:01:42

The iPhone 13 series has 4 versions, but the iPhone 13 Mini is an iPhone that will not be continued in 2022 so the iPhone 13 Mini is an iPhone that has a hard time returning If you are interested in iPhone 11, here’s why It is still trusted by many users.


iPhone 13 Mini has a cheap price

The price of iPhone 13 Mini in March 2023 is only from 16,990,000 VND. The price of iPhone 13 Mini is cheaper than many other Flagships, always in the price range of over VND 20 million. Currently in Vietnam, iPhone 13 Mini is mainly sold in two versions

iPhone 13 Mini – 128GB: VND 16,990,000
iPhone 13 Mini – 256GB: VND 19,990,000

Compact design for easy one-handed use

The most outstanding feature of the iPhone 13 Mini is its compact design. iPhone 13 Mini has a screen size of only 5.4 inches. It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and can be easily used with the thumb in most operations. This is an important feature because for many users, a screen size of 6 inches or more is too large. In addition, there is also a large part of users who do not like large screen smartphones.


OLED screen

iPhone 13 Mini also has a rare OLED screen in high-end smartphones on a par. It can be said that the iPhone 13 Mini is the cheapest iPhone with an OLED screen with a size of 1080 x 2340 Pixels. OLED technology helps it display colors much deeper and deeper than competitors in the same price range with AMOLED panels.

In addition, the iPhone Mini also has a larger notch thanks to the reduction of the notch containing the front camera and FaceID. Meanwhile, the back of the iPhone with two diagonal cameras also creates high recognition for users.

Hardware is not much less than iPhone 14

Inside, the iPhone 13 Mini uses the most powerful Apple A15 Bionic (5nm) chip available today. This chip is powerful enough to handle all the heaviest tasks and applications. Even the new iPhone 14 still uses this chip but adds a graphics processing core.

The structure of the A15 chip includes CPU cores (2 strong receivers and 4 power-saving cores. CPU for 50% faster performance, GPU with 4 cores, for 30% faster graphics performance. In another year, the A15 Bionic chip on the new iPhone 13 Mini will begin to become obsolete.

Finally about the battery, iPhone 13 Mini 2406 mAh, quite modest but it can be enough for about 1 day of continuous use. In addition, 20W fast charging also helps iPhone 13 Mini fill up the battery quickly.

Powerful camera with many upgrades

The back of the iPhone 13 Mini is a pair of 12MP wide-angle and super-wide-angle lenses with versatile image processing capabilities, for many different shooting angles and shooting situations.

The image quality of the iPhone 13 Mini has high sharpness with standard iPhone-style image quality that can be freely uploaded to channels and social networks without any problems. Compared to the new iPhone 14, the quality on the iPhone 13 Mini is not much different. This is clearly a strong point for the iPhone 13 Mini to easily kick rivals in terms of flexibility, compactness, and ease of operation in all situations.


In general, iPhone 13 Mini possesses impressive specifications at a price of just over 16 million. However, the iPhone 13 Mini is not a smartphone for the masses.

If you need a wide-screen smartphone, want a smartphone with a strong battery, you have enough money to buy more expensive iPhones, obviously the iPhone 13 Mini is not for you.

However, when you need a smartphone that is compact, easy to use, but also the most powerful on the market; Along with that, you do not use the phone for battery burning purposes such as playing games, plowing movies or regularly filming, taking photos.. Obviously, the iPhone 13 Mini is a wise choice with a balance in price. hardware as well.

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