Here are the coins to watch out for as Bitcoin spikes

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2021-03-23 15:53:58

Renowned crypto analyst and trader Michaël van de Poppe revealed that he is putting the following 5 coins in sight as Bitcoin shows the next breakout in its bull cycle.

* Note: The article is based on the author’s personal opinion, not considered an investment recommendation *

Appearing in a recent analytical video on his personal youtube channel, Van de Poppe told his followers that it is time to find new coins when they have not received much attention on social media, because of them. always get great entry from a risk / return perspective.

“I like to invest in newly launched coins, which no one knows much about, because they often have nice entry points, please just buy and leave it.”

However, he warns that there must be careful selection because the market is full of ‘fake’ projects.

“Of course, you do not have to see a new coin to buy, before you have to learn about it carefully, for example if there is an organization behind the investment, how the project team and the development roadmap. in the future … “

Going back to the main topic in the video, he said that there are 5 coins that are worth considering when BTC price increased sharply again.


This analyst said “It is currently in consolidation mode with a potential increase of 350% from its current value of 0.000098”.

“I’ve been following KAVA for a long time. Next time I believe it will explode because the last correction has ended. The 0.00044 region will be a promising destination ”


“The SXP / BTC pair is being undervalued during this cycle as it is down almost 90% from its all-time high of 0.00043. This is a good project but it looks like it needs more time to prove it, just wait and see“, He said.


“’s down from an all-time high of 0.001. I think now is a good time to consider entering or not… but whatever, I don’t want fomo. But personally, this project is worth considering coming ”


“This pair is going through the biggest accumulation period I see right now. Retesting the 0.000042 low I think that’s really fine. You can see its mass increasing, which means accumulation is in progress… and any break above 0.000065 will be the trigger for the next level. ”


“Litecoin, a familiar coin … although it has not had any impressive performance in the past time, this pair may increase by 266% from its current price of 0.0036.”

“As I mentioned this it is still in a downtrend but if it can recover and defend the 0.0038 support well, I am pretty sure you will see a bullish trend. above the resistance zone at 0.005. From here it will trigger a strong up move, even up to 0.011 ”.

* Note: The article is based on the author’s personal opinion, not considered an investment recommendation *

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