Heroes Chained (HeC) cooperates with the world’s leading Gaming Hub Good Games Guild

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2022-01-12 11:16:20

Heroes Chained is pleased to announce a significant investment received from Good Game Labs, an investment arm of the Good Games Guild (GGG) and an innovative Gaming Hub. This is a testament to the A-rank achievement of the Heroes Chained team along with the completely new and unique “Play & Earn” method.

Heroes Chained is the first real-time fantasy action RPG card game that takes players on a magical adventure as a Guild Master. Heroes Chained. The player’s task is to collect in-game items and free the world of Ventuna from the clutches of the Dark Lord Oblivion.

Erhan Taskin, CEO of HC, is very excited about this new chapter of cooperation with GGG and he has a couple of comments: “Heroes Chained is extremely pleased to be invested in the project by Good Games Labs. It is our honor to have a great partner recognize our ability and potential through a unique gaming model and innovative features brought to the community.”

Good Games CEO Aditia Kinarang is equally excited: “Good Games Labs focuses on investing in innovative blockchain game projects. The investment in Heroes Chained is our recognition of the capabilities of our AAA-rated management team, Hollywood special effects, and our “Play & Earn” philosophy.

About Good Games Guild

Good Games Guild (GGG) is one of the largest gaming hubs, focused on growing the virtual reality economy and fueling an exciting new wave of NFTs. They believe that the future of gaming will be based on NFT and Blockchain technology. GGG’s ecosystem includes: Apply to Earn, Rent to Earn and Stake to Earn.

About Heroes Chained

Heroes Chained is a real-time fantasy action role-playing card game where the player becomes a Guild Master. Heroes Chained provides players with a multitude of characters with different classes, races and genes with a variety of abilities and spells and breeding systems to create unique new characters. The game also offers a huge fantastic world with various locations, hidden dungeons, treasures, monsters and creatures.

Learn more about the project: Website | Twitter | Telegram

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