Hillary Clinton Urges Biden Administration to Regulate Cryptocurrencies – Warn of Russia, China Manipulation

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2021-11-25 00:40:28

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has called on the Biden administration to regulate the cryptocurrency market. She warns that countries like Russia or China, as well as non-governmental actors, can manipulate all kinds of technologies to their advantage and destabilize countries as well as the dollar. , the world’s reserve currency.

Hillary Clinton Emphasizes Importance of Cryptocurrency Regulatory

Hillary Clinton, a former Democratic presidential candidate, spoke about cryptocurrencies Tuesday in an interview with MSNBC. She detailed her statement about cryptocurrency last week and warned that the technology could be manipulated by countries like China and Russia to weaken the United States.

She emphasized “the need to regulate the crypto markets,” noting that “it is something that people are just starting to notice.”

“Imagine the combination of social media, the algorithms that drive social media, the accumulation of even greater amounts through the control of certain crypto chains,” said former candidate the president said, emphasizing:

“We are seeing not only countries, such as China or Russia or others, manipulating technology of all kinds to their advantage, but also unrealistic, coordinated actors. with countries or alone, destabilizing countries, destabilizing the reserve currency dollar.”

Clinton added:

“There are a lot of big questions that the Biden administration has to address.”

“I just think we don’t have a lot of time and so I hope from everything I hear from them that that’s exactly what they’re going to try to do,” she continued.

The former secretary of state further noted: “We definitely need new rules for the information age, because our current law, our framework, it doesn’t fit what we’re dealing with right now. face.”


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