Honda launched a new scooter model priced at 40 million, beautiful to overwhelm Honda Vision

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2022-11-21 20:59:59

Close-up of Honda’s new ‘rookie’: ‘Same wheel’ with Vision 2022, priced at 40 million at the dealer

If Honda Vision is a popular Honda scooter model in Vietnam, the Honda NS125LA model is a popular name in the Chinese market. Not only possessing an eye-catching appearance, the Honda NS125LA also impresses with its performance and attractive price.

While most of Honda’s scooter models have a youthful and modern style, the Honda NS125LA model goes against this trend when it comes to possessing a classic appearance. Honda NS125LA impresses with LED headlights and round mirror at the front of the car. Overall, the appearance of the Honda NS125LA has a nostalgic Western style.

In addition, the model in the same house as Honda Vision also has a spacious legroom and a handlebar with a reasonable height, providing a comfortable sitting position for the driver during travel. Honda also provides this scooter model with a lot of modern equipment and technology, including an LCD digital screen, a key with a remote control feature, allowing the driver to easily start the car. .

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Honda launched a new scooter model, appearance and equipment far surpassed Honda SH

Recently, the all-new Honda Forza 125 was launched. officially launched in the European market. The design and equipment of the Honda Forza 125 2023 European version have many similarities with the version previously launched in Thailand. Currently, Honda Forza 125 2023 is being sold with a starting price of VND 123 million.

Based on the Forza 350 ‘sister’, the Honda Forza 125 2023 now has a more eye-catching appearance with elegantly designed LED headlights. In addition, the Honda Forza 125 2023 has more sharper overall lines but still shows many sporty qualities, typical of this Maxi GT model.

In addition, the Honda Forza 125 2023 European version is also added a Special version with Gray color with wheels, seat stitching, dial border, logo and some details in red. In addition, this special edition features additional dark legroom and stainless steel floor plates. In terms of colors, the Honda Forza 125 2023 offers users here color options including Matt Cynos Gray Metallic, Pearl Falcon Grey, Matt Pearl Pacific Blue and Matt Carnelian Red Metallic.

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New generation Toyota Innova begins to receive deposits from November 25, preparing to ‘overthrow’ Mitsubishi Xpander

Toyota has officially teased the new Toyota Innova Hycross for the Indian market. The Japanese automaker will start accepting pre-orders for the new MPV model on November 25 this year. The price of the new Toyota Innova Hycross is expected to be announced at the 2023 Auto Show and deliveries are likely to begin in the second half of January. These information will certainly make the Mitsubishi Xpander – a rival. of Toyota Innova to worry.

Before India, the new Innova will be launched in Indonesia on November 21 under the new Innova Zenix name. The new Toyota Innova Hycross will have an all-new styling with some SUV-like design elements. In fact, the new Innova in India could be labeled a crossover-MPV. The model comes with a striking SUV-like front end, seemingly inspired by Toyota’s global models including the Corolla Cross.

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The latest Hyundai Grand i10 rolling price in November 2022: Vietnamese customers are hard to ignore

Hyundai Grand i10 is currently being distributed in Vietnam market with 2 sedan and hatchback variants. Each variant of this model will include 3 versions: Standard MT, MT and AT.

Hyundai Grand i10 is a model with an extremely attractive rolling price for Vietnamese customers. Based on the taxes and fees that the car owner must pay to get the number plate, Techz will calculate the rolling price of the Hyundai Grand i10 for customers’ reference.

Hyundai Grand i10 2021 has a new, more modern and personal exterior design style. The car has a ground clearance of 157 mm, a wheelbase of 2,450 mm with a length of 3,850 mm, a width of 1,680 mm and a height of 1,520 mm.

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