Honda launched the sixth generation Honda Civic Type R: Rushing to the top

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2022-10-27 19:49:02

First launched in Japan in 1997, the Honda Civic Type R is proud to be the high-performance model chosen by motorsport customers around the world, as evidenced by the cumulative sales of the model. This vehicle has reached more than 140,000 units sold globally (as of September 2021). Throughout its development history, the Honda Civic Type R has set many records and won prestigious awards since its launch: the “Car of the Year” award awarded by BBC Top gear in 2017; The award “Outstanding Hatchback Model of the Year 2020” was presented by Auto Express newspaper. In particular, this model set a new speed record for a front-wheel drive car at the Nürburgring in 2017.

Following that success, on July 21, 2022, the sixth generation of Honda Civic Type R was officially launched in Japan with a series of design and technological improvements to bring customers’ driving experience to a new level. a new level. Inheriting and further enhancing the “Ultimate SPORT” value of its predecessor, the new generation Civic Type R was developed with the goal of bringing a powerful front-wheel drive sports car to the world. Maximum performance, delivering a breakthrough driving experience to customers thanks to outstanding values: “The ultimate sports car – Unique sporty design – Outstanding safety – Advanced technology”.

On October 26, 2022, with the message “Speed ​​up to the top”, the sixth generation Honda Civic Type R officially launched in Vietnam – the first market in Asia and the Pacific. The mission of Honda Civic Type R is to satisfy the passion for speed of car players in Vietnam, as well as a new definition of a perfect sports car.

The sixth generation Honda Civic Type R is imported CBU from Japan with 5 color options: White (Championship White); Red (Rallye Red); Blue (Racing Blue Pearl); Gray (Sonic Gray Pearl); Black (Crystal Black Pearl) will be officially distributed in Vietnam in limited quantities. Customers can pre-order today to become the first to own the new generation Honda Civic Type R. Retail prices will be announced at the end of 2022 and products will be delivered to customers in the second quarter of 2023.


Inheriting the main idea of ​​a “Top Sport” model of its predecessors, the sixth generation Civic Type R was developed with the concept of “Excellent Sport 2.0” to bring the ultimate sports experience. operating at a new level, boldly sporty and exciting driving feeling, which appeals to the emotions of the user.


  • The ultimate sports car

The new generation Honda Civic Type R was born with technological improvements. In 2022, this model continues to break the speed record for a front-wheel drive model at the Suzuka track in 2022 – the venue for the Japanese Formula 1 Grand Prix, promising to bring a “racing” experience. “endless behind the wheel.

“Fastest – Addictive driving – Safe” are the three goals that were set to develop the dynamic performance of the Civic Type R, aiming for the ultimate sports car.

“Fastest” on all roads, representing Honda’s goal when aiming for a state-of-the-art front-wheel drive sports car. With improvements to the engine, the Honda Civic Type R brings a special feeling of excitement when driving thanks to its 2.0L VTEC TURBO turbocharged engine block, producing a maximum capacity of up to 320 PS (equivalent to 320 PS). 315 Hp) at 6,500 rpm and maximum torque of up to 420 Nm at 2,600 – 4,000 rpm.

  • Addictive driving feeling

Rev matching (speeding on the gas while the car is cutting the clutch) is an advanced skill often used by professional manual transmission drivers. On the sixth generation of the Type R car, the upgraded 6-speed manual transmission system combined with the automatic throttle system – Rev match system will make the driver forget the feeling of jerking and stalling when in low gear, instead In addition, it is a smooth, exciting and “addictive” driving experience when controlling the car (instant gear changes, custom parameters) according to your wishes.

High-strength materials are used in the new generation Civic Type R chassis to help reduce the risk of collisions, while vehicle weight is reduced thanks to the use of lightweight materials in position of the bonnet and rear trunk. The change in harmony with the aerodynamic design of the car (lower, wider, better downforce) contributes to the stability of the car when traveling at high speed, bringing a sense of driving. confidence and safety for users.

  • Unique sporty design

The design of the Civic Type R is based on the Civic Hatchback, which has been well received by sports car enthusiasts, maintaining the car’s strengths with a spacious interior and a low center of gravity that enhances the model’s driving performance. Type R car. In addition, the interior design has been upgraded to match the quality of “Top Sport”.

  • On the Civic Type R, the prominent Honda logo on the red background is mounted on the front and rear of the car, showing the uniqueness and uniqueness of Honda racing cars.
  • The front bumper and bonnet are designed in combination with the side panels to make the car seamless, increase aerodynamics and help control the air flow through the car when traveling at high speed, through which aids the heat dissipation of the engine and brake.
  • Expand the front view, limit the reflected light into the windshield that obstructs the view; The two sides of the bonnet are raised higher to help the driver easily control the vehicle position, reduce the risk of blind spots in the A-pillars and the rearview mirrors on both sides are improvements to bring safety to the driver when traveling. move at high speed.
  • The newly designed sports spoiler helps to increase the rearward pressure of the car, increasing the sportiness of the entire car.
  • The interior is combined with two main colors, red and black, typical of Honda sports cars. Safely operate, confidently drive at maximum power on the track with suede-covered front seats, which firmly support the body and protect the occupants. Thereby helping the owner enjoy the joy of driving not only through speed but also outstanding beauty.
  • The clock design exclusively for +R mode is applied in addition to the standard display: the upper part of the meter displays the main information, the lower part is designed as a multi-information display screen controlled by the driver. option.
  • Superior safety – Advanced technology

Outstanding safety

The sixth generation Honda Civic Type R is equipped with Honda SENSING Advanced Safety Driving Technology System, providing comprehensive protection for the driver and passengers, whether on the track or in the city. Thanks to the fast processor, the system will measure the distance and position according to the change in the size of the target, the time of change and the speed of the vehicle, this allows the front camera to recognize the white lines. , curbs, motorbikes, pedestrians and cyclists. The system includes 6 preeminent features:

  • Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS)
  • Automatic Adaptive High Beam (AHB)
  • Adaptive cruise control including low speed range (ACC with LSF)
  • Lane Departure Mitigation (RDM)
  • Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS)
  • Front Vehicle Departure Notification System (LCDN)

In addition to safety features such as active steering assist (AHA), emergency brake assist (BA), hill start assist (HSA), the sixth generation Civic Type R is also equipped with added other outstanding safety equipment to help protect passengers on the vehicle as well as road users at the highest level, including: blind spot warning system (BSI), cross-traffic alert ( CTA), along with a system of 8 airbags (Airbag for front seats; Side airbags for front seats; Curtain airbags for all rows of seats; Front-row knee airbag).

These safety features will certainly help Civic Type R owners feel secure to drive to conquer all races.

Advanced technology

The advanced Honda LogR application was first launched in Vietnam and only appeared on the Civic Type R model. Based on the computer system and sensors installed on the vehicle, Honda LogR records the actual parameters. economy when the car is operating on the track, or on closed roads, including speed data, time to complete a lap and intelligent scoring after each race. Through it, Honda LogR helps drivers track and improve their driving skills. The data will be fully displayed on the smartphone when the customer installs the Honda LogR application and logs in. Customers can also share driving data on their Honda LogR app with other users.

Besides the Honda LogR system, the Civic Type R is the third model in Vietnam (after the Civic & HR-V) equipped with the superior telecommunications connection system Honda CONNECT. The system includes a device mounted in the vehicle, monitoring all vehicle data, allowing to record, store and transmit data to the outside via mobile waves. Just by installing the Honda CONNECT app on a smartphone, owners can connect and manage their Honda Civic Type R at their fingertips, anywhere and at any time. With 3 main functional groups of Honda CONNECT including: Safety and security, Vehicle control from anywhere and Convenience helps owners easily access the vehicle, as well as bring a sense of peace of mind and joy. and proud to own a Honda car. Whereby:

  • The Safety and Security function group includes: Automatic collision detection and notification; Security alarm; Zone and speed limit warnings.
  • Function group Control car from anywhere including: Turn on car lights remotely; Remote Lock/Unlock.
  • Convenient function group includes: Update vehicle status; Diagnose vehicle problems; Maintenance schedule reminder; Vehicle journey information; Find the car in the parking lot.

HVN will offer customers free use of Honda CONNECT application service for the first year. From the 2nd year, customers only have to pay the price from 1,000,000 VND for 1 year to use the service.

In order to expand the opportunity to admire the outstanding features of the sixth generation Honda Civic Type R, HVN will display the car at Honda Automobile Distributors nationwide from November 2022. The display schedule of the new generation Honda Civic Type R at the Distributor system will be updated at the website:

To learn more details about the sixth generation Honda Civic Type R, customers can visit the website: type-R/index.html or contact Honda Automobile Distributor nationwide.

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