Honda PCX 150 “stands still” in front of an opponent priced at 39 million: ‘quite cool’ appearance, impressive power

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2021-11-01 19:30:40

Meiduo M6 is a scooter model that has received a lot of attention from customers in the Bangladesh market recently. Meiduo M6 comes with a security alert system built into the scooter. The manufacturer has equipped a side kickstand switch, which does not allow the throttle to start if the side stand is lowered.

Meiduo M6 also has quite a lot of storage space including a small storage unit in the front to hold small items and a large storage unit under the seat; The under-seat storage is deep enough to hold one full-face helmet or more and long enough to hold a schoolbag.

Vehicle weight 120kg, fuel tank 7.5 liters. The length, width and height of the Meiduo M6 are 1920mm, 735mm and 1100mm, the average wheelbase is 1320mm, so balancing this scooter will not be much of a problem, the ground clearance is about 130mm. .

Meiduo M6 uses a single cylinder, 4-stroke and 150cc engine block. The engine is air cooled. The scooter has only an electric self-starter and no kick starter. The engine provides 12.5KW power at 8500 rpm and 12.2Nm torque at 5500 rpm.

Honda PCX 150 'stands still' in front of an opponent priced at 39 million: 'quite cool' appearance, impressive power Photo 2

The scooter may not be the best when it comes to fuel economy but is expected to have an average range of around 30 km/l. Meiduo M6 comes with a fully automatic transmission system. There are no gear shifts involved when driving this scooter. While the scooter is expected to be very smooth with its acceleration on the road, the bike is expected to hit a top speed of around 100kmph.

Meiduo M6 comes with a drum brake setup. The front wheel has a single disc to increase braking efficiency significantly, the rear wheel has a drum brake.

Honda PCX 150 'stands still' in front of an opponent priced at 39 million: 'quite cool' appearance, impressive power Photo 3.

The Meiduo M6 has a telescopic fork at the front and a monoshock at the rear. The front forks are expected to function essentially like most other forks on the market. The rear single shock absorber is quite special, as most scooters do not have a single shock absorber, Monoshock will help the scooter to be more stable.

Meiduo M6 also comes with alloy wheels and tubeless tyres. The front tire measures 90/90, which is expected to perform well on the road. The rear tire is a 100/80 size, which may not perform best during heavy braking or high-speed cornering. In the Bangladesh market, this scooter model is priced at VND 39,700,000 converted into Vietnamese currency.


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