Honda SH Mode 2022 reduced the price to only 55 million, Vietnamese customers were surprised because they received so many incentives

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2022-09-20 00:18:24

After cooling down in August, the price of Honda SH Mode 2022 continues to drop in these mid-September days. According to a survey at dealers, the price of Honda SH Mode 2022 is currently at an extremely attractive level that consumers have not seen on Honda SH Mode for a long time.

Specifically, at many dealers, Honda SH Mode 2022 is being sold at a price of only VND 58 million for the CBS version, a slight difference of VND 2.5 million compared to the company’s proposed price. Meanwhile, Honda SH Mode 2022 high-end and special editions are currently being discounted further, only ranging from 62-63 million VND, about 2 million VND difference compared to the listed price. Not to mention, many dealers are still implementing incentive programs, discounting up to 3 million VND and gift accessories for Honda SH Mode 2022. Thanks to that, the actual price of Honda SH Mode 2022 is currently only fluctuating. from 55 to 58 million VND. However, the discount of Honda SH Mode 2022 will vary according to the individual policy of each dealer and customers should consult the nearest dealer for more details.

The price reduction move of Honda SH Mode 2022 is going against the general uptrend in the motorcycle market. Models in the same house as Honda SH Mode 2022 such as Honda SH or Honda Vision continue to have extremely high selling prices, even up to 24 million VND difference compared to the listed price of the company. Many people believe that with this attractive price, Honda SH Mode 2022 promises to become a popular name for Honda during this time.

According to user reviews, Honda SH Mode 2022 possesses many outstanding advantages such as smooth operation, durability, little damage, impressive design not inferior to Honda SH. The equipment of Honda SH Mode 2022 includes a chrome-plated LED light system, a combination of analog and digital clock face, 16-inch and 14-inch wheels respectively on the front and rear wheels, locking Smartkey smart, trunk with 18L capacity, front storage compartment with integrated USB charging port, ABS or CBS disc brakes.

The “heart” of Honda SH Mode 2022 is a 124.9cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine block combined with an electronic fuel injection system. This engine block produces 11 horsepower at 8,500 rpm and maximum torque of 11.7 Nm at 5,000 rpm.

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