Honda SH Mode 2023 ‘wretched’ before the new 55 million scooter model, people are fascinated because it is so beautiful

Honda SH Mode 2023 ‘wretched’ before the new 55 million scooter model, people are fascinated because it is so beautiful


2023-03-28 07:44:42

The Honda SH Mode 2023 horizontal scooter model has just been released with an extreme appearance and equipment that promises to cause a fever.

To celebrate the sales milestone of 500,000 units of KYMCO Many 110, the Taiwanese automaker has launched a new version KYMCO iMany 2023. KYMCO iMany 2023 is sold with a starting price of 71,800 yuan (equivalent to 55 million VND) – as cheap as the Honda SH Mode 2023 model currently being distributed in the Vietnamese market.

The most obvious change of KYMCO iMany 2023 compared to standard versions is on the front of the car with a special diamond pattern. Accompanying that is the headlight cluster with a classic and luxurious round shape and the unique iMany logo. The saddle of KYMCO iMany 2023 also has a diamond pattern, creating an eye-catching and unified visual effect for the car.

KYMCO iMany 2023 has a weight of 99 kg with a wheelbase of 1,195 mm and a seat height of 745 mm. With these parameters, KYMCO iMany 2023 is suitable for many users as well as for moving in the inner city. KYMCO iMany 2023 is currently being distributed with 4 color options, including green, blue, pearl white and jet black.

In addition to the above changes, KYMCO iMany 2023 continues to use the 111.7cc engine block. However, unfortunately, the automaker has not announced the specific parameters and power of the KYMCO iMany 2023.

Although owning the same price as Honda SH Mode 2023, the equipment and features on KYMCO iMany 2023 are not too special. KYMCO iMany 2023 is equipped with a instrument cluster with a liquid crystal display, drum or disc brakes (depending on the version), front and rear tires with sizes 90/90-10 and halogen headlights. Like Honda SH Mode, KYMCO iMany 2023 has not been equipped with anti-lock braking ABS.

Currently, KYMCO iMany 2023 is distributed exclusively for the domestic market. If it returns to Vietnam, KYMCO iMany 2023 promises to become an attractive name and make it difficult for a series of mid-range scooters like Honda SH Mode or Honda LEAD.

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