Honda SH ‘re-face’ because its 74-million rival has a beautiful design, excellent equipment

Honda SH ‘re-face’ because its 74-million rival has a beautiful design, excellent equipment


2021-04-11 03:51:46

If you love the classic style and don’t want to give up on the latest technologies, the SYM Fiddle 2021 is a good choice for city commuting and getting anyone’s attention.

The SYM Fiddle 2021 has a retro design with the latest technology. The car has an LED system, integrated turn signals, standard trunk, USB socket and a hole for a full face helmet under the saddle.

With SYM updating the Euro 5 emission standards regulations, the company has also improved a number of factors that make its scooter models more comfortable and practical in the daily life of consumers. . As a result, the space under the saddle has increased to make the trunk more spacious, now allowing for a full-face helmet. Like most new models, the SYM Fiddle 2021 also integrates a USB charging socket to serve the needs of users.

The fuel tank cap on the new SYM Fiddle 2021 is behind the front spoiler, not under the saddle. This, in addition to avoiding spills, also increases the convenience of refueling. The new Fiddle does not lack other distinctive elements of the car, such as the rear trunk, retractable leg floor and flat floor.

SYM Fiddle 2021 must meet Euro 5 emissions standards. Therefore, in addition to the aforementioned design changes, the new SYM Fiddle must also refresh its engines. Both versions of the SYM Fiddle 2021 are equipped with a 2-valve single-cylinder SOHC 4-cylinder engine that complies with the strict Euro 5 regulations. , 4 CV at 8,500 rpm and maximum torque from 9.3 to 10.3 Nm at 6,500 rpm.

Honda SH 're-face' because its 74 million rival owns a beautiful design, extremely equipped with photo 2

The braking system of the SYM Fiddle 2021 has also been improved, with the 226mm front disc and the 220mm rear disc featuring CBS combination braking.

The new SYM Fiddle 2021 also gets an improved saddle, available in red or black. The entire 125 range will be available in four different color schemes: White, light gray, glossy blue and finally matte black. While the white version has red saddle, the other 3 have black saddle.

SYM Fiđle 2021 will be an opponent that Honda SH 125 cannot ignore.


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