Honda SH usurper revealed with perfect classic design, extremely cheap price

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2022-11-19 08:48:42

Revealing the ‘challenging’ scooter model Honda SH: Classic design, priced at 72 million

Recently, the new classic scooter model Bristol Vantaggio has been officially introduced in the Philippines market. This is the motorcycle brand’s latest product in the Philippines following the recent launch of the Assassin R400. Bristol Vantaggio is considered a potential rival of the Honda SH 150i.

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Hyundai Accent car price rolled in November 2022: At a super bargain, ready to surpass Toyota Vios

In the B-segment sedan segment in the Vietnamese market, Hyundai Accent is always mentioned as one of the most favorite models of Vietnamese customers. Hyundai’s sedan is a serious competitor of Toyota Vios and Honda City.

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Honda Wave Alpha owner changed his life by picking up the number plate of the 9th quarter

A week ago, a car owner in Hanoi was lucky to press the number plate of the 9th quarter for his Honda Wave Alpha., Immediately after this information was posted, many people contacted the car owner to have can buy this car.

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VinFast received orders to sell more than 2,500 VF 8 and VF 9 cars to Autonomy

The announcement was made within the framework of the Los Angeles Auto Show 2022 (LAAS 2022).

Previously, Autonomy planned to order 400 VinFast VF 8 and VF 9 cars. However, after consideration, Autonomy officially increased the order number to more than 2,500 vehicles. According to the agreement, VinFast will hand over the car to Autonomy within 12 months from the time it starts exporting cars to international markets.

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VinFast VF 8 car owners reveal the reason for being ‘addicted’ to electric cars

The experiences of using electric cars were shared by Mr. Chu Huu Tho, a communication expert in the automotive field and also an electric vehicle user at the seminar “Vietnamese users are using electric cars like this”. anyway”, held on November 15 last. Mr. Tho used to own a VinFast VF e34 and is currently riding a VinFast VF 8.

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