‘Honda SH’s backpacking version’ has just returned to Vietnam: Better design than ‘Scooter King’, extremely good price

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2022-09-15 17:59:49

Recently, the Honda ADV 160 2022 – a model dubbed the “roading version of Honda SH” has been brought to Vietnam by some private dealers in the form of CBU imports. The first batch of Honda ADV 160 2022 cars of the ABS version was sold by dealers to the market for VND 93 million.

Compared to the “elder” Honda ADV 150, the appearance of the ADV 160 2022 version is not much different. The new Honda ADV 160 has only been slightly changed in the body, while the design of the front and rear remains the same.

Honda ADV 160 2022 still has a manually adjustable windscreen with 2 levels. Compared to the ADV 150 version, the windshield of the Honda ADV 160 is higher. Not only that, the new ADV 160 also has a built-in USB charging port in the front storage compartment, allowing users to conveniently charge mobile devices.

The Japanese automaker adds a lot of modern features and equipment to the “roading version of Honda SH” such as the ACG starter to help the car start more smoothly, the traction control system, the signal system. emergency stop…

In addition, the trunk of the Honda ADV 160 2022 is also more spacious when the capacity is increased from 28L to 30L.

The new ADV 160 uses a 14-inch front wheel and a 13-inch rear wheel combined with off-road tires.

Not stopping there, the “brother” model of Honda SH is also equipped with traction control system (HSTC), emergency stop signal system (ESS) and ABS brake at the front wheel.

Compared to the Honda ADV 150, the seat of the Honda ADV 160 2022 has been lowered by 15mm to help give users a more comfortable driving experience. Meanwhile, the ground clearance is still kept at 165 mm, helping this scooter model to easily conquer complex terrains.

The “heart” of the Honda ADV 160 2022 is the eSP+ engine block, 157cc capacity, 4 valves, liquid-cooled. This engine produces a maximum capacity of 15.8 horsepower at 8,500 rpm and maximum torque of 14.7 Nm at 6,500 rpm.

The engine is integrated with the PGM-Fi fuel injection system to help the “brother” of Honda SH have good fuel economy with a consumption of only 2.22L / 100 km.

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