Honda Vietnam launches Gold Wing new generation version: Powerful engine meets Auro5 . emission standards

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2021-10-09 18:47:33

Honda Gold Wing was launched in the world in 1975, so far this road car has received a lot of love from users. In order to bring new experiences to customers, Honda is constantly improving and upgrading its “pet”.

Gold Wing new generation version has just been introduced in Vietnam with a new and more flexible style. This design is very attractive to young users and those who like to experience the road by traveling.

Powerful engine meets Auro5 . emission standards

Honda Gold Wing is the first road car to own a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission since the 2018 version The DCT dual-clutch used on the Gold Wing is the most advanced DCT dual-clutch version for large displacement vehicles – the first system with up to 7 gears. The dual-clutch system can be set to “Walking” mode, which helps the car operate forward at a speed of 1.8km/h or backward at a speed of 1.2km/h. This mode is extremely useful when you need to bring the car with the back seat into tight parking lots. Comes with the DCT system are 4 driving modes including Tour, Sport, Econ and Rain, helping customers customize to suit each driving situation.

The “king of the road” continues to lead the segment with a horizontal symmetrical 6-cylinder engine, 1,833cc, using 4 valves per cylinder – a design based on the pioneering Unicam engine in delivering efficiency high capacity. The new engine is now upgraded to meet the latest Euro5 emission standards, for a maximum capacity of 93kW at 5,500rpm and maximum torque of 170Nm at 4,500rpm.

Pioneering gold design on endless journeys of discovery

Bringing a design style that emphasizes driver comfort with a flexible optimized chassis and engine without losing the strong and premium in every detail of the version. Gold Wing traditional. Gold Wing The new generation version has a tilted body forward and refined to be more compact, creating a dynamic and liberal design. The boldly raised front fascia, combined with the harmonized proportions of the electrically adjustable windscreen and the nuanced aerodynamic details form a new energetic and impressive overall look. for the 2021 version.

The new version is equipped with a 7-inch TFT multi-function liquid crystal color screen, which displays full information about the sound, manages the driving modes and adjusts the damping system. Information is displayed clearly and in the order of each function, making it easy for the driver to check without moving his eyes much. The screen brightness can be automatically adjusted with 8 levels, bringing greater convenience to the driver.

Equipped with LED lighting system, aluminum double frame molds both add accents and bring stability to the driver. And yet, Gold Wing There is also a system Pro-Arm rear axle combined with Pro-Link suspension system. The combined dual brake system (D-CBS) helps to support uniform braking force along with ABS control for effective stopping ability, confidently conquering the road.

High-end technology gadgets for long trips

In terms of amenities, Gold Wing own the system The sound quality is greatly improved to create a more vivid sound. The built-in control switch with volume, power and fast forward modes ensures the best user experience.

Saddle design on the new version of Gold Wing divided into two separate floors for the driver and the rear seat. This type of design brings comfort and convenience to the user.

The SMART Key smart lock system continues to be equipped, making it easier for owners to locate the vehicle in crowded parking lots or at night. The key of the new 2021 version impresses with the bird’s wing design, inspired by the model’s Gold Wing name.

The new version is suitable for modern life that always needs optimal space. The rear trunk design of the car has been improved by 11L to a total of 61L, can accommodate up to 2 full-face helmets easily, along with an additional 60L in 2 trunks on the side of the saddle, increasing the total volume. of the entire trunk is 121L. The storage box is opened and closed through a smart lock system, integrated with hydraulic shock absorbers to operate smoothly and protect the contents inside.

The new Gold Wing owns a shirt with an electrically adjustable windshield system that easily adjusts the height and angle with the button on the handlebars, both perfect weather resistance but still ensuring compactness and versatility. aerodynamics. The system will automatically remember frequently used settings and positions to assist in automatic adjustment for the driver, providing an experience that exceeds expectations on long journeys.

The new version of Gold Wing with two colors Red Black Silver and Black CBU imported from Japan will be officially sold on the market on October 23, 2021 at the Honda Large Displacement Car Store system with a retail price of Export is: 1,230,000,000 VND (including VAT) and 2 years warranty and unlimited km.


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