Honda Vision 2022 is ‘wretched’ before the new low-cost car model, beautiful and flawless appearance

Honda Vision 2022 is ‘wretched’ before the new low-cost car model, beautiful and flawless appearance

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2023-02-17 15:44:46

Honda Vision’s low-cost competitor is about to have an upgrade, promising to stir up the segment with an eye-catching appearance.

Yamaha Motor India recently updated its motorcycle portfolio with the launch of YZF-R15, MT-15, FZ-S and FZ-X 2023. Following these names, the Japanese automaker is also expected to soon introduced updated variants of its scooter series, including the Yamaha Fascino S model. Although the Japanese manufacturer has yet to announce details, the type approval certificate has revealed the specifications. of the upcoming scooters.

This document lists three models – the Fascino S, the Cygnus Ray ZR and the Cygnus Ray ZR Street Rally. All three scooters will use a 125cc single-cylinder engine, equipped with an on-board diagnostic system (OBD-II) that monitors emissions in real time. This engine will give a maximum capacity of 8 horsepower at 6,500 rpm.

Besides, these scooter models may also be added with some new color options. In addition, the overall design of the vehicle will not be changed and the scooters will carry the same styling characteristics as their respective versions. The feature list will also remain unchanged. Therefore, the Yamaha Fascino 2023 will retain LED lights and Bluetooth connectivity – features that are more impressive than the series of rivals.

Yamaha Fascino 2023 may increase the price slightly compared to existing versions. Currently, the Fascino 125 is priced from Rs 77,100, while the Ray ZR and Ray ZR Street Rally are priced at Rs 82,230 and Rs 91,030 respectively.

The Yamaha Fascino 2023 is in the small scooter segment in India and can be considered a competitor of Honda Vision. In addition to India, Yamaha Fascino is also being sold in a number of other Southeast Asian markets.

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