How did Zack Snyder change the Superman resurrection scene in Justice League?

How did Zack Snyder change the Superman resurrection scene in Justice League?


2021-03-24 16:08:57

Perhaps one of the most obvious improvements in Zack Snyder’s Justice League over the 2017 theatrical release is how to revive Superman (Henry Cavill). Justice League Snyder Cut lasted about 4 hours and took a new look to this film and also removed the Joss Whedon footage back in 2017. Thus, Justice League brought Superman back to life. becomes much more streamlined and attractive than the 2017 version.

Mother Box was invented by Himon of Apokolips. Although mainly used as a space portal, but it is actually supercomputers with many remarkable abilities such as energy control, healing wounds, providing knowledge or controlling emotions …

This box is so frightening because it draws its power from The Source, the source of all life and energy in the universe. To use this raw power, Mother Box requires possession of a mysterious and unique material known only as “Element X”.

This alien item will first appear on the big screen in Justice League when it is the catalyst that causes the Parademon legions and Steppenwolf to wage war on Earth.

In both versions of Justice League the superheroes are led by Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) making the decision to revive Superman after his first encounter with Steppenwolf (Ciaran Hinds). Justice League’s plan was to dig up a grave to retrieve the body of Clark Kent in Smallville and put it on the Kryptonian on the Metropolis.

There, the combination of the Mother Box and the organic liquid in the Krypton ship brought Superman back to life after The Flash (Ezra Miller) awakened the Mother Box with a bolt of lightning. The reborn Man of Steel then becomes confused and he attacks all of his former teammates at his monument in Metropolis – Heroes Park. Just when Superman was about to kill Batman, the appearance of Lois Lane (Amy Adams) caused Clark to wake up. Once Superman regained his true consciousness, he joins Justice League to defeat Steppenwolf.

In Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the members of Justice League decided to revive Superman after they faced Steppenwolf and learned the true strength of the Apokoliptian Legion. While in Whedon’s version, the superheroes were frustrated and lost their will after being defeated by Steppenwolf, so Batman planned to bring Superman back and he even made Wonder Woman. angered to tell her about Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) – these were cut off in Snyder Cut.

Instead, the heroes realize that they can revive Superman after Cyborg (Ray Fisher) explains the Mother Box’s origins he owns, as well as how it turns the Victor Stone into a living machine. When Cyborg described the Mother Box as a “machine” that could change and rearrange the particles, our superheroes agreed to the idea that it could revive Superman.

And that thought led all the members of Justice League to board the ship together and go on a plan to revive Superman. This is in contrast to the 2017 version, as the act of reviving Superman in Whedon’s version takes place thanks to the impetus of Batman (mainly guilt over previous actions that caused Superman to die). .

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In Snyder Cut, Flash actually mentioned the fact that he can dig Superman’s corpse at super-fast speeds, which is a logical break in the movie version. Flash also calls Diana “Wonder Woman”, the first time her codename is spoken in conversation.

When the heroes brought Superman to Metropolis, the Snyder Cut version also explained how they evacuated the STAR Labs facility and added to the movie more scenes of other characters such as between Cyborg and his father – Silas Stone ( Joe Morton). Even more special is that in this version, Cyborg can communicate with the Kryptonian, the computer has been constantly alerting them of what they are trying to do. Cyborg also received visions of the future Knightmare where Darkseid conquered Earth. Everything in this release has deepened the meaningful macro story setting Justice League 2 and 3.

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After Superman’s return, the members of Justice League had to fight him in Heroes Park but the action and evolutions in this version are even more thrilling and engaging than the screen shot. theaters. Perhaps the biggest improvement is that Snyder got rid of Whedon’s footage where Superman taunted Batman by asking, “Do you bleed?”. In addition, he also removed the scenes that used CGI to remove Henry Cavill’s beard from earlier versions.

Snyder has also replaced the scene of Batman on the ground moaning that one of his bones was broken by Whedon with a scene of Batman blocking Superman’s thermal vision with an energy-absorbing glove, which is Alfred (Jeremy Irons) previously set in Snyder Cut.

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