How does a newline break in Zalo?

How does a newline break in Zalo?


2021-03-26 18:54:31

When texting on Zalo, there will be times when you need a newline to enter a new message, or if the message is too long, you also need a line break to help the recipient to read the message easier. Many users do not know how to break the line in Zalo, especially for middle-aged people when using Zalo. Or when texting Zalo PC, how do I go to the texting line. The following article will guide you to read the line break in Zalo.

1. Guide to the line down on Zalo Android, iOS

Zalo Android line break

With Zalo Android, we first need to change the messaging interface. You click on Add and then click on Gear icon. Switch to the new interface click Messages section. Then you need to Turn off the Enter key to Send mode.

Return to the messaging interface you click and the message box then enter the message as usual. To newline when texting in Zalo Android we click arrow icon as shown below.

Zalo iOS way down line

On Zalo iPhone, you do not need to change any settings. At the messaging interface, we enter the message as usual and let down the line when texting on Zalo iPhone then you Click the Import button. At this point the message entry mark will be moved to the next line.

2. Guide to the line down on Zalo PC

To go down the line when texting in the computer Zalo, just press Shift + Enter or Alt + Enter is done. Then the message will be split into a new line to text on the computer Zalo.

Line break on Zalo PC


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