How does ASUS ExpertCenter help businesses improve work efficiency?

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2021-12-29 10:04:24

The industrial revolution 4.0 has become an inevitable trend that all businesses in all fields need to find ways to adapt to survive, leading to an increasing demand for digital transformation. The central device of the digital transformation process is the computer, and many business owners are looking for a suitable solution that can meet the rigorous requirements of the professional working environment.

Understanding this need, ASUS recently announced the latest ExpertCenter product range in Vietnam. As the name suggests, ExpertCenter was developed by ASUS specifically for business users with many outstanding advantages.

Powerful performance with 11 generation Intel Core chips

Configuration is a decisive factor to the processing performance of the computer. This is especially important for large companies and corporations; often have to work with huge data sets or complex projects from customers.

ASUS ExpertCenter easily meets configuration requirements, including the most “hardware” tasks. All models are equipped with the latest 11th generation Intel Core processors, with 3200Mhz RAM up to 128GB, PCI-e standard SSD and optional professional RTX graphics GPU from NVIDIA.

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ASUS ExpertCenter is ISV (Independent Software Vendor) certified, ensuring the ability to handle popular applications from two leading developers, Autodesk (AutoCAD, Revit, 3ds Max) and Adobe (Photoshop, After Effect, Premiere) …).

There is a “terrible” configuration, but ASUS ExpertCenter still works extremely smoothly thanks to ASUS’s fine-tuning ability, reaching only 22.1dB in normal operation and 27.9dB when the CPU is at 100%. Combined with ASUS’s 2-way AI noise cancellation technology to help remove noise from the voice, users will have the experience of using software such as Zoom, Google Meet, Skype to discuss work in the most effective way. even in crowded office environments.

Size to fit any space

Work space is becoming a difficult problem for many business owners; When the scale of the business expands, the number of employees is increasing, but the area of ​​the premises remains unchanged. Making the most of space is a goal that many business owners aim for.

ASUS ExpertCenter offers the flexibility to include multiple case sizes. Besides the standard Tower version (>20L), the machine also has the option of Mini Tower (<15L) or even Small Form Factor (SFF) with a capacity of only 9L. In particular, the SFF series can be placed vertically or horizontally. The diversity in design helps businesses have many options to suit each office space.

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All versions of ASUS ExpertCenter, including the smallest 9L version, still guarantee usability with up to 7 USB ports on the front panel, with optional memory card and smart card readers.

The ability to upgrade and maintain is optimized

After a period of operation, every computer will need to be maintained or upgraded to keep the most stable performance. With the number of computers up to hundreds, even thousands of units in a working unit, this task will quickly become a “disaster” for the IT team if the computer is poorly designed for disassembly. installation and repair.

Understanding this, the ExpertCenter D7 and D9 are designed by ASUS to be disassembled without tools, making the repair process convenient and time-saving. Not only that, all ExpertCenter models allow RAM upgrades, additional hard drives or other components. The upgradeability of ASUS ExpertCenter helps businesses save money in the long run, as just upgrading the right components without having to replace the entire computer.

In terms of software, ASUS ExpertCenter comes with the MyASUS application, which helps IT teams to easily “catch” system problems and quickly offer solutions, from minimizing to maximum downtime. job.

Top security

Security is a key element of a business. Being attacked by hackers or malicious code can lead to many dire consequences such as crippling production operations, or exposing important data to adversaries.

Along with measures such as firewalls or anti-virus software, ASUS ExpertCenter is also equipped with TPM 2.0 security chip as a solid layer of defense for sensitive business data. The TPM chip securely stores credentials (such as passwords or encryption keys) used by software to protect important data and transactions.

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In addition, ASUS ExpertCenter also has many security solutions in both hardware and software such as BIOS/HDD lock, block connection of external USB data drives, safe file destruction, anti-intrusion notification feature. Unauthorized machine, lock Kensington.

For more information about ASUS ExpertCenter products, please contact hotline 1800.6588.


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