How has voice recognition technology changed the lives of Vietnamese people?

How has voice recognition technology changed the lives of Vietnamese people?

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2022-08-18 08:51:16

Your AI companion on every trip

Voice recognition virtual assistant technology is no longer a strange concept in the world, with many familiar products such as Apple Siri, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana… In Vietnam, VinBigdata is one of the units. pioneer in the development and successful application of a virtual assistant capable of recognizing multi-regional Vietnamese – ViVi – on the VinFast VF e34 smart electric car line. With advanced smart technologies such as ViVi virtual assistant, VF e34 has completely changed the definition of a traditional car, making the car not only a means of transportation but also a workspace, collection and storage. knowledge and entertainment.

“What to eat today? / Tell a joke / Tell me a joke / Read the news / How is the weather today?…” are the communication sentences that ViVi virtual assistant can respond to users. naturally as a friend. In particular, this virtual assistant can also understand the specific language of each region, listen to continuous voice commands and handle the car owner’s commands smoothly and flexibly.

After the launch, ViVi has created a special attraction with the car-loving community and has become one of the most anticipated and loved features on the VinFast VF e34 electric car. At the prestigious technology award Tech Awards 2021 organized by VnExpress online newspaper, ViVi was honored with the award of Potential Technology Product 2022. Recently, the product was also in the Top 10 famous brands in Vietnam. 2022, within the framework of the Good Viet Tot event held annually by the Consumer Protection Center and the Institute of Economics & Culture with the participation of more than 300 multi-sector businesses across the country.

Smart housekeepers support daily life for Vietnamese people

Not only in cars, now voice-recognition virtual assistants also appear in many fields, bringing convenience and a completely different experience to users. Developed from more than 30,000 hours of voice data and advanced technologies such as Speech and Language Processing, Voice Biometrics, Voice Synthesis, etc., ViVi is the first Vietnamese virtual assistant that can be applied. applications in many fields, from the virtual assistant in VinFast cars to the Vinhomes virtual housekeeper for smart homes, or in the field of Finance – Banking…

With smart assistant products for housing, virtual assistants can assist residents to quickly access information with many groups of features related to Utilities, Set/cancel utilities. public, Look up bills, Read news on the resident bulletin, Find out the weather in the area where you live…

In the field of Finance – Banking, virtual assistants will help businesses automate processes and increase end customer experience on every touch point. For example, with the most common task of money transfer, users will go through a “no-touch” journey right on the application, from the first steps such as choosing a bank, recipient, entering the desired amount. Go to OTP verification. All is done quickly with simple commands such as Transfer money to Mr. A/Pay this month’s electricity bill/Confirm money transfer… In addition, the virtual assistant also supports customer identification registration. electronic goods (eKYC) by callNg said, giving advice on loans, interest rates, providing market information like a professional consultant.

With a development team of professors, PhDs, leading technology experts, ViVi virtual assistant has an outstanding advantage in native languages, with the ability to recognize Vietnamese language with accuracy up to 98 % (common word group) in many different contexts. Dr. Dao Duc Minh, General Director of VinBigdata, shared: “After virtual assistant products applied in the field of cars or smart homes, we will continue to develop and apply voice recognition solutions. speaking for many other fields such as Finance – Banking, Health, Trade – Services… We hope to contribute to creating a voice recognition technology platform in Vietnam, with products ‘ made in Vietnam’ made by the Vietnamese themselves to serve the lives of Vietnamese people”.

With the vision of becoming a leading technology enterprise in the domestic market, especially in voice recognition technology, VinBigdata will continue to develop and perfect the solution based on the companionship and suggestions from users. at the same time, expanding applications to a variety of fields, towards an ecosystem of technology devices controlled by voice, catching up with world trends and creating breakthrough products.

Learn and experience VinBigData’s virtual assistant products and the ecosystem of voice technology applications at:

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