How I make $4,580/month with passive income from crypto and online platforms

How I make $4,580/month with passive income from crypto and online platforms

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2023-01-09 15:50:44

This is the story of Mark Vassilevskiy, a UI/UX designer living and working in Kazakhstan. It doesn’t matter how much money we earn, we aim to bring readers portraits of people who make money from the Internet and traditional industries, investing in many fields. In it, crypto as an asset class contains many opportunities and risks.

According to Mark, to generate passive income, you need to put in something first and then it will generate money. For example, to start making money from Medium, you first need to create valuable articles for your readers.

“I have spent a lot of time researching passive income, from writing articles for Medium for the past two years to selling design templates… If you want to make some extra money, you can apply the ways I have mentioned. try and succeed,” Mark shared with CHK Insights, along with an article about 5 ways he has earned passive monthly income, including crypto.

Join liquidity pools (Liquidity Pools)

By allowing users to deposit their digital assets into a pool and trade the pool’s tokens on a DEX (decentralized exchange), liquidity pools provide the liquidity needed for trading. .

In other words, you put your crypto in the pool and get interest back (APR) over time. It is similar to a deposit in a bank. However, liquidity pools often offer much higher APRs and they operate on the blockchain.

Then you get a percentage of your profits in crypto and if that token goes up in price, you get more money. But crypto is a highly volatile sector so you need to consider this risk before investing in liquidity pools. Compounding also comes with compounding or temporary loss.

According to Mark, he likes to use Uniswap, PancakeSwap, Compound.

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Sell ​​templates

“If you are good at something, there are always ways to make money from it. For example, selling a digital product within the industry or specifically through partnerships,” says Mark Vassilevskiy.

Mark is a UI/UX designer and he took the opportunity to turn his designs into templates that people could use. I am selling these templates on Gumroad and you can also sell them there.

On Mark’s profile you can see some digital products, such as Figma templates for marketing agency, personal blog and online store. All of them cost between 10-15 USD.

Mark Vassilevskiy sells the Figma template.

“This is quite a low price for such products. But you should be aware that these templates can be purchased thousands of times. They will also help many people in this field complete their tasks much faster,” Mark shared.

You can also sell other things like Notion templates. If you don’t know, Notion is a unique tool that can help everyone. It can be a database or a personal dashboard for your projects.

“Anyway, you can always try to make some stuff yourself and then sell it! You can make a lot of money out of them,” says Mark.

He sold several templates and raised a total of $200, an encouraging figure. According to Mark, those with good sales can be up to 100,000 USD/month.


There are many social networking platforms for you to share your thoughts and make money from them. Medium is a great example; you can write whatever you want and see how people react to it. Mark is doing it and making about 400 USD/month.

If you don’t like writing, you can upload a video to YouTube, or create a TikTok of something interesting and unique. You can also start a podcast. It doesn’t matter what platform you want to build and grow on, there are plenty of ways to monetize them.

“My advice is not to do everything at once. I started with Medium and now want to develop on other platforms as well. You should do the same thing!”, shared Mark.

Create a YouTube channel without revealing your face

In fact, this is a different type of content creation. However, you won’t have to show your face and even know something to start creating. By using current technologies, you can automate the entire YouTube video creation process.

First, you need to choose a niche, then script your video. You can write your own or use Rytr or Jarvis. These are the most popular AI services for writing, and you can have them write for you.

After you have the script for the video, you’ll need to add some voice acting. Again, you can do it yourself or use services, such as Murf. It will read your script like a real person, not like a machine. This is a great option if you don’t have a good microphone or simply don’t want to use your own voice.

Murf’s interface.

And the last step is to create the video. You can go to Pexels and find free archived videos that you can use as a background. However, there is also a way to automate using AI It simply adds collages of different videos related to your topic and makes it more professional.

You can also add subtitles and many other cool features. It’s important to note that even if you want to automate everything, you should manually test each step. Sometimes you will need to rewrite some sentences or change the video background.

“In short, creating an invisible YouTube account and constantly uploading videos is a great way to earn extra money, especially when you can automate the whole process,” says Mark.

Lo-Fi Beat

We all know what a lo-fi beat is, if you don’t, it’s relaxing and soothing music without words. People often listen to them to relax and focus better. Many developers also prefer lo-fi beats because working with music is much more enjoyable.

“This is probably one of my favorites and has potential. As we all know, there are thousands of services or things related to AI that help automate the music creation process,” said Mark.

Lo-fi beat “study girl” is famous on YouTube.

By using these services, you can create your own lo-fi beats, basically from scratch. Mark himself used Avia, which you can access for free and download up to three of your tracks.

You can try and see how it works. It can not only create lo-fi beats but also some more complex music genres. You can then sell these beats on various music marketplaces or even upload them to Spotify.

“These are unique and interesting sources of passive income that you should consider doing. I’ve done them all and found them to be effective. You should at least try one of these,” concludes Mark.

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