How is the SEO profession being misunderstood?

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2022-11-22 09:00:44

However, I realize that, although the SEO profession has developed strongly in recent years and SEO positions are posted quite a lot on quick job search websites, many of you are still quite confused if not there are Misunderstandings about this profession.

SEO profession is monotonous and boring

Many young people think SEO is a simple, even boring job. In my opinion, this is one of the most damaging misunderstandings. To me, SEO is a great career choice for anyone who wants to work in a field that combines art and science. I find doing SEO is not easy, never boring and that is one of the things I like most about this job. This is a field filled with brilliantly intelligent people, many of whom have their own businesses.

If you do not make efforts to assert yourself and always try to learn, I am afraid that you are not suitable to be an SEOer, because in this profession, you need to update information and knowledge continuously, otherwise you can quickly fell behind and was eliminated.

My boss, an SEO expert with 20 years of experience, often advises young people just starting out: SEO can be a very good career choice if you really want to do it, but also keep in mind that the field is always changing and you will need to be willing to learn new things; As well as to achieve success you need a lot of hard work and dedication.

SEO is a profession with no future

Many young people told me that SEO has no future, sooner or later SEO will “die”. This is another fatal misunderstanding. It is true that this profession has gone through a lot of ups and downs. But as you can see, there are still many websites coming out every day, and more and more businesses understand that launching a website is just the beginning. They will need someone to take care of the website, content, links, social media, etc.

The majority of customer purchase decisions begin with a Google search. If you compare your website as an “online store” displaying products or services, then the main job of SEO is to help that “store” be displayed in a priority position, easily accessible to customers. row. So companies are still investing heavily in SEO. Even though Google is changing its search engine algorithm at a dizzying pace these days, good SEO practices are still essential for any business looking to increase the amount of online engagement on their website.

In particular, the closure and social isolation due to the pandemic have led to a massive growth of online businesses and services. Therefore, if you are an SEO expert or you are looking to become an SEOer, this is a good time to start because the SEO industry is growing.

SEO is also IT?

Another misunderstanding that many newcomers to the SEO profession often make: They often equate SEO with IT work. It is true that doing SEO requires technical knowledge, but it does not need to be as specialized as IT people. But on the other hand, an SEOer needs many different skills.

As mentioned, as SEO you must have basic knowledge of IT because the language of the website is a programming language, you must understand them to bring the website to the top. You also need to have content writing skills as this is an extremely important part of attracting and retaining customers. For SEO to be effective, you also need to know the basics of visual design. In addition to the content, attractive website images and banners also contribute to impressing readers. Besides, standard SEO articles also need to have attractive images. Also, if you want to succeed as an SEOer, you really need to understand Social Media and how to use it to distribute content and get more links.

The field of SEO has changed significantly compared to the time when I was new to the industry. Ten years ago, SEO mostly revolved around link building and basic onpage SEO. Today, SEO is much more complex and involves many different strategies, such as content marketing, technical SEO, and intensive on-page SEO. Google is getting smarter by the day, being able to distinguish between high-quality content and low-quality content. Therefore, SEO today needs to focus more on creating quality content to attract and retain readers.

SEO is spam, year round working with Google?

Another harmful misunderstanding I often see in many young people, is that doing SEO is similar to spam.

The advice of the experts is, if you like black hat techniques, like link spam or other fraudulent tricks, SEO is not the profession for you. Because with this profession, once you make a mistake, many people will know about it and they will also know you are the author. At that time, your career future will be very precarious.

There is also another misconception that should be avoided, which is that the SEO profession is only working with “Google sister” all year round. Yes, SEO is the optimization of a business website to achieve good rankings on the Google search engine. But in fact today, SEO is developing on many other platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, e-commerce platforms, Apps …

In short, if you want to participate in marketing campaigns, build relationships, create excellent content, hold a project management role… parallel to the job of a computer technician. , then SEO profession is exactly a great choice for you.

Kieu Giang

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