How much does Nokia C20 cost? Should I buy in January 2022?

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2022-01-12 16:46:12

Nokia smartphones currently stand out in the market with a much cheaper price than many other competitors. In particular, the C series is considered the cheapest smartphone of Nokia. In the current C series, Nokia C20 is the cheapest smartphone. Whether to users in 2022, how much does the Nokia C20 cost and is it worth buying, let’s go into the details.

Selling price of Nokia C20 in Vietnam

Nokia C20 was officially announced in Vietnam with the selling price from 2,490,000 VND. However, as of January 2022, Nokia C20 is discounted at many retail systems and is only about 2,190,000 VND. This is the cheapest price on the market today for a smartphone.

The selling price of the Nokia C20 is almost 2 million, which is considered unmatched. No smartphone manufacturer today can offer a smartphone with a lower price than the Nokia C20. Users will have two options with Nokia C20 when buying: yellow sand or meteor blue.

Configuration Nokia C20

As the cheapest smartphone on the market, the Nokia C20 is as fully equipped as many other smartphones. Nokia C20 is equipped with a large 6.5-inch LCD screen with HD + resolution (720x1600px). This is very important for users, because the main screen is the most penetrating medium of field interaction.

Inside, Nokia C20 is equipped with UNISOC SC9863A chip. This is the cheapest chip currently on the market. Although not as famous as Qualcomm’s or Mediatek’s chips, Unisoc’s chip can also deliver the ability to handle Android 11 Go version shortened to be lighter on Nokia C20. Nokia C20 also comes with 2GB RAM and 32GB internal memory.

Nokia C20 is fully equipped with front and rear cameras with the same 5MP resolution to provide the most basic imaging capabilities as well as make video calls. The device comes with a 2990 mAh battery and a regular charger.

Should you buy Nokia C20?

It can be seen that the price and configuration of Nokia C20 is quite commensurate. It would be nearly impossible to find a device that sells for less than or equal to the Nokia C20 without the discounts. However, the hardware of Nokia C20 can only be considered at a basic level.

Reasons to buy Nokia C20

You need a smartphone that is as cheap as possible and does not require needs such as playing games, surfing the web too often, continuously for a long time;

Nokia C20 can be purchased for older users who are familiar with the Nokia brand and do not need to use the device too much;

The Nokia C20 is also suitable as a secondary device, a fire-resistant machine in many necessary fields without the main machine attached.

Reasons not to buy Nokia C20

If you need a device for regular entertainment with games, social networking applications such as Tiktok, Facebook … or need a beautiful camera model, the Nokia C20 is not the ideal thing;

If you can spend more and want a machine to use for a long time, please refer to some models that are a few hundred to one million dong more expensive like Redmi 9A or Nokia G10 and boldly ignore the Nokia C20.


Thus, it can be seen that Nokia C20 is a good, cheap, well-designed smartphone with a reputable brand. However, this machine can only meet the minimum needs of users and is not suitable if you plan to use it a lot with complex needs for entertainment.


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