How much gold does CPU have?  Why is gold used a lot in PC components?

How much gold does CPU have? Why is gold used a lot in PC components?

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2021-09-13 15:18:16

Printed circuit boards, microprocessors, and some computer components often contain rare metals, including gold.

Some typical PC components contain gold

Motherboards in particular and motherboards in general: Most of the component edges on the board will have gold contacts and connectors. The surface of the motherboard is also usually covered with a thin layer of gold.

CPU: On the edge and bottom of the CPU, there will often be hundreds of gold-plated pins.

RAM: Their pins are usually gold-plated, look at and you’ll see right away. In addition, on the surface of the PCB there will usually be a thin layer of gold as well.

Why gold is used a lot in PC components

Gold has quite interesting and useful properties that stand out from other metals.

Chemical stability: Gold does not oxidize and is inert to most acids, so it can protect components against the effects of the environment.

Plasticity. Gold is the most malleable metal so it can be malleable so that light can pass through it. Just plating a thin layer of gold will help increase the contact area between the two sides of the component. This helps to conduct heat better than any other thermal paste, making the component more durable and the signal more stable.

How much gold is in PC?

Depending on the item, the amount of gold in it will vary. Older CPUs usually have more gold than newer CPUs.

Old CPUs:

  • Intel Pentium Pro ceramic version: 0.43 grams of gold.
  • Intel Pentium gold lid version: 0.48 grams of gold.
  • Intel Pentium Pro plastic version: 0.55 grams of gold.

After 1998, most of these CPUs no longer use the bonding technology of solid gold wire or gold-plated caps as in the past, so the amount of gold used in computer chips decreased to very little.

Should I get gold from computer components?

Although PC has gold, the content is very low and the gold separation process is also very complicated, the cost of the stages is even more expensive than the amount of gold collected. In addition, the process is very dangerous due to exposure to harmful chemicals such as mercury, nitric and hydrochloric acids. Therefore, we should only read the information, but we should not do it for the sake of less profit but more harm.


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