How powerful is Ultron that the entire Marvel multiverse has to wobble in What If…?

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2021-10-06 18:42:23

Episode 8 of the animated series What If…? made Ultron the strongest villain in the MCU to date. After defeating the Avengers and obtaining Vision’s body, Ultron and an army of drones immediately carried out a plan to destroy the entire galaxy, destroying a series of large planets such as Asgard, Xandar or Sakaar. Not stopping there, he even had a “beautiful” blow to Thanos and took all 6 infinity stones to support his plot.

Ultron’s power culminates when he realizes the existence of other dimensions in the universe, something few in the MCU can do at the moment. He even broke out of his own timeline, went to the base of Uatu – The Watcher to “complain” and make this powerful god submit to the point of being ready to go against it. with his oath and call to Doctor Strange for help.

Here are the moments that make the audience shudder at Ultron’s terrible power as well as the analysis of his ability compared to the original comic book.

Use Mind Stone to destroy Thanos in a flash

Ultron has shown his superior strength with an achievement that no one in the MCU has been able to do: Split Thanos in half with a single cut from the energy of the Mind Stone. Even more impressive, he does this when he holds only 1 infinity stone in his hand, while the opponent already owns the other 5.

Ultron’s feat not only surprised the audience, but also raised questions around Vision’s true strength and why this superhero proved quite helpless when Thanos arrived in Wakanda in Avengers: Infinity War. Could it be that if Vision was ruthless enough and uninjured after fighting a member of the Black Order, he could easily defeat the mad Titan with just one attack? Either way, the Mind Stone and the other Infinity Stones clearly possess a lot more power than what audiences have seen in the main MCU timeline.

Cosmic Awareness – Cosmic Awareness

How powerful is Ultron that the entire Marvel multiverse has to wobble in What If...?  - Photo 2.

The scene where Ultron easily defeats Thanos is not the only surprising detail that episode 8 What If…? bring. One of the moments that gives viewers goosebumps is when he hears The Watcher’s narrator voice, and gradually realizes the character’s existence outside of his reality.

Compared to the original, this is probably the superpower Cosmic Awareness – the ability to perceive anything that can affect the user on a cosmic scale. From people who are talking about themselves, people talking behind their backs or even dangerous threats, Cosmic Awareness users can feel it.

Quasar and Captain Mar-Vell are two of the superheroes who use this ability very often and proficiently in the comics, given by the cosmic entity Eon. Through Cosmic Awareness, they were able to perceive disturbances in the universe, seeing phenomena beyond the understanding of even powerful gods like Odin or Thor.

Adam Warlock, the character that was “treaked” in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, also possessed a similar form of power when he successfully assembled the Infinity Gauntlet in the 80s. This is probably the source. the main inspiration for Ultron’s image in the last episode of What If…? Holding in his hand 6 infinity stones, his strength and awareness are enhanced to the point of exceeding the limits of his reality and reaching the realm of Cosmic Awareness. That’s why he was able to hear The Watcher mention him and gradually discovered the existence of the multiverse.

The ability to teleport between realities in the multiverse

How powerful is Ultron that the entire Marvel multiverse has to wobble in What If...?  - Photo 3.

Gaining the ability to perceive everything in the universe, Ultron hit the Uatu’s own dimension and forced the narrator of What If…? must fight, but cannot stand by and watch as the original promise. In this war, the two have traveled through many different realities, at different times.

This is probably the power that the Space Stone brings to Ultron, because it can help the user speed up to any place in the universe at their will. In the comics, the infinity stones when used simultaneously will often amplify each other’s power, and perhaps that detail was applied to What If…? and MCUs. With the help of the Reality Stone or the Power Stone (or all five), the Space Stone is able to overcome its inherent limits of power and transport Ultron to other realities.

This once again shows how important the 6 Infinity Stones are to the MCU, because it only takes one individual to collect enough and the entire multiverse will be in danger, not just reality. chief. In addition, they also help the user to enter into the outer dimensions of their power, like when Ultron attacked The Watcher’s base.

In short, Ultron in What If…? To what extent?

How powerful is Ultron that the entire Marvel multiverse has to wobble in What If...?  - Photo 4.

Witnessing what Ultron can achieve with Vision’s body and 6 infinity stones, it can be affirmed that this is the strongest villain of the MCU to date. Before getting the 5 Infinity Stones from Thanos, he was able to easily destroy the Earth, destroying many “cheeked” superheroes, including the Avengers. And after fully equipped with “jewel”, it is not an exaggeration to assert that Ultron’s level has surpassed all other characters, both protagonists and villains, of the MCU. Even Captain Marvel, when fully exerted, could not stop this villain.

Ultron is the MCU’s biggest threat that no individual can defeat on his own, including the mighty The Watcher. Like Thanos in the Infinity Gauntlet comics, Ultron’s power has now reached a level comparable to that of cosmic beings with the ability to see through the multiverse such as the Living Tribunal, Eternity, Galactus or The Stranger. That will force Uatu The Watcher along with Doctor Strange to assemble a new team of superheroes, coming from different realities to fight Ultron in the final episode of What If…?, which airs on the 6th. /10 come here.

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