How to add a folder shortcut to the Start Menu on Windows 11

How to add a folder shortcut to the Start Menu on Windows 11

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2021-07-17 05:53:39

In Windows 11, you can set up shortcuts that correspond to special system folders (such as Music, Pictures, Downloads, and others) to appear in the Start menu for quick access. when needed.

Basically, the layout of the Start menu on Windows 11 is quite different from what you are familiar with on Windows 10. For example, in Windows 10, you can set up special folder shortcuts to be located. list on the left of the Start menu interface. Whereas with Windows 11, these shortcuts will just appear as a row of simple, untitled glyph icons at the bottom of the Start menu. As shown below.

To add a folder shortcut to the Start Menu on Windows 11, you just need to do the following simple steps.

First, access the Settings app by pressing the Windows + i key combination, or clicking the pinned gear icon in the Start menu.

Access the Settings app

On the Settings interface that opens, navigate to Personalization > Start.

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In the Start menu settings screen, click “Folders”.

Click “Folders”

You’ll see a list of the names of special folders on the system, along with the corresponding switches to the right of them. When you enable this switch, the corresponding application shortcut will be displayed in the Start menu. The main options include “Settings,” “File Explorer,” “Documents,” “Downloads,” “Music,” “Pictures,” “Videos,” “Network,” and “Personal Folder.” your account). Activate whatever options you want.

Turn on the corresponding shortcut display switch

Then close Settings. When you click the Start button, you will see the shortcuts of the folders you have activated listed in the lower right corner of the Start menu, right next to the power button.

If you change your mind and want to remove the shortcuts of special folders from the Start menu, just go back to Settings > Personalization > Start > Folders and set the switches to off.


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