How to adjust the video color gamut on YouTube

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2021-05-03 14:39:38

By default, the YouTube video color will not be editable, but with the Video Color Enhancer utility, users will have many options to adjust the video, such as changing the video color, improving the color of the video or even making the video. blur the video screen you are watching. With the color adjustments for YouTube videos, you can choose to increase colors more vividly or switch to classic color mode with deeper colors. The following article will guide you how to change the color of a YouTube video.

Guide to change the color gamut of YouTube videos

Step 1:

Users download the Video Color Enhancer utility on the browser by following the link below.

Step 2:

After the installation is complete, you open the YouTube video to use the utility, press pause video. Next click Video Color Enhancer utility icon in the browser widget bar.

Here is the video adjustment interface on the utility.

Step 3:

When clicked thường then this mode will keep the color of the video. Press Enhanced to correct Optimal color for video, the video color will be more vibrant at this time.

If clicked Gray Scale video screen interface will be turn gray as below.


Step 4:

If clicked Custom then you can customize the video interface with the following content, including adjust brightness (Brightness), saturation (Saturation), contrast (Contrast), sepia effect (Sepia), blur (Blur), negative effects (Invert).


Any changes will be immediately applied to the interface of the video for you to preview. If you are satisfied, press the Save button to save it. This setting will apply to all videos, to return to the old settings, click the Normal button in the utility interface.



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