How to automatically open web pages in Reader View on Safari

How to automatically open web pages in Reader View on Safari

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2021-05-15 11:38:34

Not all websites are created and have the same layout. Some websites may contain unnecessary formats and media files that interfere with the user’s content experience. That’s why Safari’s Reader Mode on iPhone, iPad and Mac was created – to “clean up” article content, remove redundant elements, and make it easier for you to read content. .

You can even set up all the websites you visit on Safari to open in Reader View mode.

Enable Reader View on Safari iPhone, iPad and Mac

When you open a supported website on Safari for iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you’ll see a “aA” appears in the URL bar.

For iPhone or iPad, simply touch and hold the button to bring the web page into Reader View. Alternatively, you can also click the “aA” and select option Show reader mode (Show Reader View). Both operations give equivalent results.

On a Mac, Safari’s Reader View icon looks like a piece of paper. You will find this icon on the left edge of the URL bar, click on it to access Reader View.

Reader View icon

You can also improve your reading experience by increasing the font size or changing the font and theme.

Increase font size or change font

How to set up automatic opening of web pages in Reader Mode on Safari iPhone and iPad

Instead of repeating the above operation for each website, you can also set up so that every website you visit on Safari opens in Reader View mode.

To get started, go to Setting on your iPhone or iPad.

Access the Settings app

In the Settings menu, click on the “Safari“.

Click on the app “Safari”

Next, you click on the section Reader.

Click Reader”

Click the switch on the right to enable the option “All Sites“.

Enable “All Websites” option

From now on, when you open any (supported) website in Safari, the web page will be opened directly in Reader View mode.

Safari also allows you to exclude a specific website from the automatic Reader View feature. Just press the button “aA, then select the option “Website Settings“.

Select the option “Website Settings”

Next, tap the switch next to the “Use Reader Automatically” to disable read mode for this site.

Turn off “Use Reader Automatically”

How to set up automatically opening web pages in Reader Mode on Safari Mac

On your Mac, open the Safari app. Then click the “Safari” from the menu bar at the top edge of the screen and select the option “Preferences“.

Select the “Preferences” option

Navigate to the tab “Websites” and select the option “Reader” from the menu on the left.

Select the “Reader” option

Scroll to the bottom of the window and click the drop-down menu next to the “When Visiting Other Websites” and select the option “On“.

Enable “When Visiting Other Websites”

If you want to turn off this feature for a specific website, open the website in Safari, right-click the Reader View button in the URL bar, then uncheck the “Use Reader View Automatically on (Website Name)” option. ” (Use Auto Reader View on (site name)).

Uncheck the


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