How to Bathe Buddha Online on Buddhist Social Network Butta

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2021-05-22 11:26:24

To celebrate the upcoming Buddha’s Birthday, the Central Committee of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha launched an online Buddha Bathing week on the Butta app to contribute funds for COVID-19 prevention from 0:00 on May 19 and ending at 24:00 on May 26. (ie the full moon of the 4th lunar month – the Buddha’s birthday celebration). Every time people participate in online Buddha bathing on the Butta app, people contribute 10,000 VND to the Vietnam Buddhist Church’s COVID-19 Prevention Fund. This both helps Buddhists to perform rituals during the Buddha’s Birthday, and at the same time to show the people’s benevolent hearts through merit money. The following article will guide Buddhists and users to Bathe Buddha online on the Butta application.

Instructions for Bathing Buddha online on Butta

Step 1:

Buddhists download the Butta application according to the link below and then proceed to install it as usual on the phone.

Step 2:

At the application interface you can press Try it to use the app first or create a user account. If you try it, you enter French name and the profile picture for the account and then click Continue.

Step 2:

In the application interface you click Buddha Bathing icon as shown below. Here you click on button Start Ceremony.

Step 3:

Now you will see Buddha statue and water bowl to perform the Buddha bathing ritual. You click on the bucket to water the Buddha statue. We will perform Buddha bath 3 times.

Step 4:

When you finish the ritual you will Vow the sentence: “Namo Buddha Shakyamuni Buddha” and the Buddha statue will emit light.

So you have done the Buddha Bathing ritual. If you want to repeat the ritual, click the Redo button. In this interface you can click on the temple icon to see the Buddha image in 360 panoramic mode.

Step 5:

In addition, when you return to the application interface, you will see many different items. For example, the Buddhist section will have some utilities like pictures for you to read more.


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