How to block annoying website notifications in Microsoft Edge

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2021-04-10 16:40:10

Microsoft Edge is a great web browser when it comes to the speed, stability, and features it supports. However, web page notifications (notification pop-ups) that automatically pop up continuously in your browser can ruin your browsing experience. Here’s how to block these annoying notification windows in Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge for desktop (Windows 10, Mac) and Android both have built-in notification systems for websites (it’s not available on Edge for iPhone and iPad).

You can turn off notifications from a particular website or turn off all of that website’s notification systems. This ensures that you will no longer encounter annoying auto pop-ups.

How to block website notifications in Microsoft Edge for Android

Microsoft Edge makes it easy to sign up for notifications from websites. Many websites will automatically show pop-ups asking to send notifications and all you have to do is press the “Allow”(This is easy to do accidentally).

The message pops up automatically

You can turn these notifications off or turn off annoying pop-ups from the browser’s Settings menu.

First, open the Microsoft Edge app on your Android device and press the three-dot menu button on the bottom toolbar.

Press the three-dot menu button

Here, click on “Settings“.

Click on

In the Settings menu, click on the option “Site Permissions“.

Click on the option "Site Permissions"

Choose option “Notifications“.

Choose an option "Notifications"

You will now see a list of all websites that can send notifications to you. Please select a specific website for which you want to turn off notifications.

Choose a specific website

Click on the option “Clear & Reset“.

Click on “Clear & Reset”

Default settings for notifications and cache for this website will be completely erased. To confirm, click on the button “Clear & Reset“From the pop-up window.

Click the “Clear & Reset” button from the pop-up window

The website will now disappear from the Notifications section. You can repeat this process for other sites on the list.

If you turn off notifications for all websites, just tap the switch next to the option “Notifications“.

Click the switch next to

How to block website notifications in Microsoft Edge for desktop

The process for disabling web page notifications and pop-ups that ask for notifications on Microsoft Edge for desktop are a little different.

First, open the Microsoft Edge browser on your Windows 10 PC or Mac and click the three-dot menu icon in the top right corner.

Click the three-dot menu icon

Click on “Settings“.

Click on

Except the sidebar menu, click to select “Cookies & Site Permissions“. In section Site PermissionsClick the option “Notifications“.

Click an option "Notifications"

In the “Allow”, You will see a list of websites that are currently sending you notifications. To prevent a website from sending notifications, click the three-dot menu button next to the site’s name and select the option “Remove“.

Select the option

Repeat this process to block other websites from sending notifications.

If you want to ask for notifications not to disturb you, turn on the “Quiet Notification Requests“. To block notification pop-ups completely, just select the option “Ask Before Sending“.

need to select option “Ask Before Sending”


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