How to build a lineup of 9 Cuong Dao DTCL 4.5

How to build a lineup of 9 Cuong Dao DTCL 4.5

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2021-04-29 00:57:59

Fan of DTCL 4.5 is not on the hot meta composition list in the game. Until the upcoming version of DTCL 11.4, Cuong Giao will likely be in S-rank squads.

The reason for this is because the Hell Lords Galio (9 Devils) will get a pretty large magic resistance buff. Help him stand longer on the ring with his very popular Fan Gongs members.

The two new champions Sivir and Vladimir are also very good damage and support champions in various formations with Kalista. So how strong will the upcoming 9 Devotion DTCL 4.5 be, please refer to the article below.

Generals Cuong Giao DTCL season 4

When the party loses 50% of their total Health, Galio will be summoned and jump into the arena where the most enemies are located, knocking and stunning them.

  • 3 Devotion: The Terrible Galio
  • 6 Devotion: Devil’s Galio
  • 9 Devotion: The Lords of Hell Galio

Losing Jhin and Evelynn, two of the top damage champions for season 4, but we’ll have Sivir and Vladimir. Although they do not deal as impressive damage as the pair above, but in return they will better support their teammates when healing and support attack speed for both.

The strength of the Cuong Spear formation

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  • Has a crowd control effect coming from Pyke, Aatrox
  • Pretty effective support comes from Sivir and Vladimir.
  • It is easy to complete the roster if you have Fanatical Essence
  • Very strong late game with Lords of the Hell Galio

Weakness of the 9-rampant formation

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  • Less resilience in the team
  • There is no combined clan

Equipment needed for champions in team 9 Fan of the Deviants DTCL 4.5

Kalista and Vladimir will be the two carries in the game, with the following items prioritized: Oversize Stick> Wooden Bow> Silver Cloak> Net Armor To build the equipment for Vladimir and Kalista as shown below. You should give it to Swain so that he can do better damage.

Department of Science and Technology 4.5

Or you can map up for the two main generals in the game as shown below. The main item will now revolve around Oversize Sticks> BF Sword> Wooden Bow> Practice Gloves.

Department of Science and Technology 4.5

How to build Fanatical DTCL season 4

Early game (Pyke, Twisted Fate, Elise, Vladimir,)

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If you can’t find a 4th Rageblade champion, you can add any other champion to get more buffs. Ideally at this point you should earn Vladimir’s Fanatical Elite.

If you see the team lack of resilience you should choose Rakan, Jarvan to increase defense and control. If you want more damage add an Assassin next to Pyke. At the same time began to find items for

Between game (Pyke, Sivir, Kalista, Elise, Vladimir, Jax)

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Continue to add many other Cuong Spear generals, if there are enough 6 Gongs. Add another Duel Champion to get a Duel buff for Kalista. You can also put TF to replace Sivir, but remember to keep him until the end of the game.

The team’s main damage dealers will be Kalista and Vladimir, so start building both of them if you have enough items. To level 7 start to roll slowly to 3 stars for Vladimir if he is not up to 3 stars.

Late game (All General Cuong Giao)

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And in the late game, the whole family will reunite, now you can roll slowly to 3 stars for Kalista. Remember that before you are 9, you should add other generals to your team to get buff instead of just playing Fan Spear, these generals can be Duels, Protectors, Assassins …

Set up a position for the squad

As shown in the end of the game, you can see that Elise and Aatrox are the front lines because they are tankers in the team. Zilean is in the bottom row to live as long as possible, remember to see if the enemy team has an Assassin or Zed carry.

Kalista can be in the same line as Sivir, but should get close to Vladimir to heal. Pyke will always jump over to stun the enemy team. TF is considered as an assassin for the enemy team, you can also put TF next to Zilean if you give him 3 stars.

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