How to build DTCL Guardians 4.5

How to build DTCL Guardians 4.5


2021-03-30 02:58:24

DTCL 4.5 is currently a frequent choice among gamers since the beginning of the Festival of the Beast version until now. Although the General Guardians have also been much revised from DTCL version 11.2 to the upcoming version of DTCL 11.6.

Most of them are nerfs, specifically reducing shields at buff marks. However, the diversity of the generals in the Guardians’ roster still helps them to stand firmly on the ring.

The French Guardian generals are full of uncontrolled, defensive, detrimental effects, good damage and easy to perfect, so it will definitely be the choice for many gamers. Although the build is simple, Riven disappears and is replaced by Xayah and Rakan, so the Guardian has a bit of a change in team formation. So please refer to how to build the Protector squad below.

Buff of General Ho France

The number of tanky champions of the Guardian is quite small, but in return, there are up to 4 dharmapala champions that can cause crowd control and adverse effects on the opponent. But the number is spread evenly from the beginning to the middle of the game, enough for the Guardian Generals to have enough solid buffs in the team.

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The advantages of the Guardian of the Law squad

  • Strong defensive effects come from the Guardian Generals
  • Diverse in CC, healing, and damage
  • Easy combination with many other families
  • Able to complete the team flexibly

Disadvantages of the dharmapala formation

  • Easy if you meet a formation with splash damage
  • Lack of main resilience in the team
  • Requires good team rotation and early completion of the team

Essential equipment Xayah 6 protectors

Kennen and Xayah will be the two mainstay of this team, in addition you can throw more items for Azir if you have leftovers. The order of equipment priority will be BF Sword> Armor> Training Gloves.

build dtcl phap

Instructions for building DTCL Guardians 4.5

Early game (Jarvan, Vladimir, Elise, Pyke)

Build or use dtcl 4.5

At the beginning of the game you can get 4 protectors if you have the Guardian Essence right now. Includes Rakan, Elise, Jarvan and another champion. Otherwise, start with the Heroes of the Castles as shown in the picture, or with Compassionate with Tristana and Nidalee.

Mid-game (Jarvan, Elise, Pyke, Rakan, Sivir, Teemo)

Build or use dtcl 4.5

Now if you already have the protectors, you can add the Rakan to get the 4 protectors. Also use any damage hero to keep Xayah items like Sivir or Tristana.

Late game (Kennen, Elise, Jarvan, Ornn, Azir, Xayah, Rakan, Tryndamere)

Legal protection 4.5

If you can’t find Tryndamere, you can add Sejuani or add a Warrior General. You will have 3 more Heroes, place Sand Soldiers next to Azir to protect Azir from Assassins.

Also, if you don’t see enough damage, you can reduce to 4 Guardians or remove Tryndamere, Aatrox and add some late-game carry like Sett, Yone, or Samira.

Set a position for the team

Locating this team is pretty easy because all you have to do is put your Guardians close enough for them to shield the other champions around. The top kennen do CC, and Xayah must be well shielded to deal as much damage as possible.

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